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Jan 23, 2007 07:20 AM

What to do w/key limes besides pie?

A generous co-worker gave me about 10 Key limes from her tree. My first thought: gin and tonic! :-P But I'll need to do something else with them, and I am not a baker, plus hubby is diabetic so I want to stay away from desserts altogether if I can.

Any ideas for something easy, like a marinade?

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  1. Cocktails are the first thing that come to mind (but it looks like you have that covered). I've covered snapper and orange roughy fillets with thin slices of key lime and steamed them. They leave the key lime flavor on the fish and as a bonus cut down on the fish smell while you're steaming. I'd still save some limes for cocktails though.

    1. There is a very old table sauce call old sour that was common on tables in the keys.

      1 pint of key lime juice strained into a bottle add a 1sp. salt and a couple of hot chilies like bird chilies. Cap and store in a dark place until it turns a dark amber color. Speinkle it on seafood, greens, into soups etc.

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        Limonada! Squeeze a key lime (limón) or two into a tall glass. Add sparkling water and sugar substitute (to taste). Add ice. Marvelous--addictive, actually. You'll be begging your co-worker for her source.

        1. re: cristina

          Haha, her source is her tree. If I had the room and the patience, I'd get one myself, but I just benefit from her farm land. (It was tangerine cake earlier in the winter. . .)

          You just gave me an idea, maybe mojitos. . .

        2. re: Candy

          that sounds really really good. about how long until it turns the dark amber colour?

        3. I've posted a wonderful key lime bundt cake recipe here that was well received - not mine - adapted ... I'll *try* to find a link for you.

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          1. Curd. Easy, keeps a while, and tasty on everything from shortbread to sugar cookies to white or yellow cake layers.

            1. The best fajitas I've ever had were marinated in plain lime juice. Chicken is also good marinated in it You can actually freeze them whole for use later.