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Jan 23, 2007 06:51 AM

Perry Street- Restaurant Week

Went to Perry Street last night. I thought the restaurant was very warm, but at the same time stylish and sleek. The service throughout the entire meal was flawless, and we didn't feel as if we were treated any different than if we had ordered off the regular menu.
There were two choices for each course. A third option would have been great, but we knew the story when it comes to the restaurant week menu. The chicken soup choice for the appetizer was a little weak in my opinion, but the fresh, housemade mozzerella app that both my friend and I ordered was really tasty. The pomegrantes added an unexpected and delicious flavor to an otherwise unexciting selection.
We both also ordered the skate, which was very good. It had an interesting spice going on, and the 'broccolini" served with the skate was very fresh. The other choice was chicken, and I usually never order chicken out.
The dessert was a chocolate flourless cake for both of us. Also very good.
In summary, my friend and I felt that with the $35 price tag, the meal was fair and we got what we paid for. I'd like to go back and order from the regular menu, but maybe when someone else is paying the bill! They had what looked to be a great short ribs dish and a poached lobster in butter that sparked my interest. Another nice touch was they had both a red and white wine special by the bottle for $25. We went with the Cotes Du Rhone, which was mellow but went well with the food.

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  1. They offer the $24.07 lunch special all year round, and it's fantastic value - two courses from its small plates menu (which aren't that small) and a choice of two desserts. It was fantastic.

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      At the risk of being picayune, I think it's $25. Much more important, yes, it's great, and the mozarella dish is a revelation: quince, pomegranate, grapefruit, basil, cheese. A simple combination of things I'd never think to put on the same plate. So smart, so good. Plus, the wine is $20 a bottle!

    2. Actually, it's $24.07 for 2 courses and dessert. No small plates are offered at the restaurant.

      1. Here's my account of the lunch offered year round.

        1. Fist of all, don't knock that soup. Man, that was something special when I had it. Incredibly rich. Made me want to go home and make stock for 12 hours. As far as the size of the plates for lunch, they do seem to be small. The tenderloin is probably about 3-4 ounces for example and it seems that any of them could serve as a first or second course. But it's true what they say: It's not the size that counts, it's the perfect inerplay of flavor and richness in a serene, sundrenched room near the water.

          1. Would Perry St be a good Valentine's Day place?

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              I think it would be lovely.