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Jan 23, 2007 06:28 AM

Penn Station...

Are there any decent places to eat dinner in Penn Station?

I'm coming in on Thursday and it's going to be freezing, so rather I was wondering if I could just eat dinner in Penn Station before going to the Garden.

But maybe I'd be better off taking the subway to Grand Central Station to get a meal.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

It's a date sort of thing, so I'd like to eat somewhere nice, but not too nice as we won't be dressed too well considering we're going to a concert at MSG.

Thanks so much for any input!!!

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  1. You would be better off going to Grand Central. There are no decent places to eat in Penn Station.

    1. Actually, Tracks in Penn Station is rather decent. Had dinner there a few months ago, much against my will. Lo and behold, wasn't as disgusted as I anticipated I'd be - in fact, I was surprised to find it rather pleasant, all things considered.

      Once you get beyond the front bar area, it is much quieter. The menu has a lot of seafood options and they were very good. My friend had a boiled lobster, I had lobster ravioli. We both had good, fresh salads. Reasonable choices of wine - not remarkable, but serviceable -again, considering the location. Service was good too.

      I'd actually would return under the same conditions as last time - meeting a friend, trying to make it convenient for both of us for commuting reasons, didn't have a lot of time to dash around the neighborhood, which is kind of low on good choices anyway, plus my friend isn't a chowhound anyway. So, I bit the bullet for the sake of friendship and in the end, discovered a place which wasn't as bad or scary as I expected it to be. Others, BTW, have said the same about Tracks, so it isn't just me.

      1. I would also suggest Tracks Raw Bar & at penn station and very convienent. There is also a place directly across from the Garden on 7th called Seven, that has recieved some good reviews.

        1. I really appreciate your advice, thanks! Very kind of you both to take the time to reply!