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Jan 23, 2007 06:23 AM

Staying at 38th and Park - where to eat?

Any good spots for dinner? Good food and service a must. Must be walking distance in the cold- I will be in city for 4 nights and have 2 amazing dinners planned with clients at Le Bernardin and another place (cannot remember name), one night I would like to do yummy take-out in the neighborhood of my hotel (I need recommendations), and one night I would like to grab dinner near hotel somewhere with excellent food and great service- within 4 block radius- must get back to room to do work.

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  1. For Chinese take-out, go to Wu Liang Lee on Lexington bewteen 39th and 40th. For a great chicken shwarmy pita wrap to go (and a lot of great sides), go to The Famous Chicken Place on 39th and 3rd Avenue.

    For a sit down dinner, go to Michael Jordan's in Grand Central (great upscale burger) or Naples 45 (authentic pizza) in the Pan Am Building (up the escalators in Grand Central).

    1. Cipriani Grand Central is pretty good, and they have a nice prix fixe lunch. Silverleaf Tavern (38th and Park) is really nice, and I like Rare Bar and Grill for burgers (37th and Lexington). Most of the stuff in the Grand Central food court is very good for lunch. Blooms on 40th and Lex is servicable NY deli.

      1. Plenty of choices on Lexington or Third.
        Burgers are great at Rare, Lex/37
        Greek at Ethos, 3rd/33
        BBQ at Duke's 3rd/36
        Various diners on Third, mid 30's
        Josie's for veggie, 3rd/37?
        Eclectic at Cinema Cafe, 3rd/34

        1. If you are willing to venture a little further downtown, Artisinal on 32nd and Park has great cheese fondue; Wolfgang's on 33rd and Park is a great steakhouse. I definitely second Rare for a great burger and would add either Tropica in the Met Life building or the Oyster Bar in the lower level of Grand Central for fish or seafood (the chowder at the Oyster Bar is terrific)

          1. Second these:
            RARE for a great burger.
            Oyster Bar
            Add Keens Steakhouse 37th and 6th to the list