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Jan 23, 2007 05:54 AM

Newark NJ Wine Shops

Hello Folks,

Was wondering if anyone has any specific recommendations for wine shops in Newark, NJ where I can find Spanish, Portuguese, South American wine selections that I think are lacking at some of the wine stores with better reputations. Or, any recommendations for wineshops elsewhere in the NYC metro area that seem to do a really good job stocking these wines. Thanks!

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  1. There certainly are a lot of wine shops along Ferry St in Ironbound with lots of Portuguese wine, but I don't know of a particularly good one.
    For Spanish wine, PJWine in Inwood has one of the best selections in the US.

    1. I made a fruitful journey along Ferry St. one day this week. Stopped in at five different shops...cant say I recommend any one over the other. All had much broader selections of ports, as I expected. Especially big selections of colheitas. The offerings of Spanish and Portuguese wines was excellent, at all price points. Also, because of the nature of some of these shops, found a lot of older wines, domestic and imported, at very reasonable prices. How they held up might be another story, after I open them up. Also saw in every shop these curious white plastic basketed jugs of various types of Portuguese wines, all for under $20. I was curious, but took a pass this time around, but will be going back soon. I was looking for malbec roses, but found none, and aged white port (after having a sublime 30 year white port in August), but only found the standard off-dry white port offerings. I am going to crack open this weekend a 1984 Portuguese red I bought for $16 and a 1994 I bought for $14. I have no idea what to expect, but I figured it was worth the risk, all in the name of research.

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