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Jan 23, 2007 04:22 AM

Intimate Dining in North County San Diego

I have a date coming up that I am picking up in the Carmel Mtn. area. Unfortunately, all of my San Diego dating experience is in areas far south of there (Hillcrest, Downtown, OB, Old town, etc.)

So, I'm wondering if any of the fine hounds here have any suggestions for a very intimate dining experience in the more northern areas of San Diego. I'd like the food to be good, but I am particularly interested in a dim, highly intimate ambiance. No mexican food, please. I know the area standards, Mille Fleur, El Bizcocho, Jake's, Poseidon, etc. None of them have the intimacy I am hoping for... if you can recommend a place and an intimate, somewhat upscale quiet bar or lounge nearby to go with it you are really aces.

Help me out, hounds!

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  1. Have you looked at the 4 SEASONS. They have an upscale resteraunt that is very good. I have always had good experiences at Mille Fleur, if you have a particular need, I am sure that they would accomodate you.

    1. Blanco in Solano beach would be a perfect place. Make a reservation soon. Good luck.


      1. Would suggest Cavaillon in Santaluz. Off the 56 freeway and Camino del Sur. Small, cozy place with great service. It is not a "dim" place but you can eat outside which is "dimmer" than inside. I think the chef used to be at Tapenade, so you get Tapenade style food for a third of the price. I like their food better than Mille Fleurs. Atmosphere is casual French bistro.

        AR Valentien at the Torrey Pines Lodge definitely has a small, intimate feeling, thanks to the Craftsman style architecture. Quiet, cozy and great food to boot. Booths are plushy and comfy. Service is excellent. Lights are on the dim side, think about the same lighting as El Bizcocho.

        Blanca would fit the bill for atmosphere but I found their cooking inconsistent from dish to dish. I chalked it up to opening month issues and and going again to see if it's improved.

        If you're willing to go further into La Jolla, Jack's Fine Dining Room has a quiet bar and relatively intimate setting. Excellent food. Atmosphere is like a hipper, more urban version of El Bizcocho.

        Addison in Carmel Valley is supposed to have good food but I have yet to try it. Don't know anything about the atmosphere.

        1. Would Pamplemousse in Del Mar fit the bill? Very upscale food and service, not a large restaurant, relatively quiet, I've only been there with family and friends, but always have been treated very well and had excellent food.