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Jan 23, 2007 02:48 AM

Great Chinese Restaurant in Nashua?

I think I read about a great chinese restaurant in Nashua anyone heard of one that really stands out?

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  1. The two restaurants that always win the Nashua Telegraph's "best of" lists are Chen Yang Li and Lilac Blossom. Chen Yang Li has a killer Peking Duck that you can order as three courses--with the crispy skin wrapped in pancakes, a stir fry with vegetables, and an amazing duck soup. It's always on the menu, you don't need to order it in advance.

    1. kewl, thanks. I think that was it. Chen Yang Li

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        I've heard that the Lilac Blossom is the best. My family goes there often for special dinners. They love the ambiance even though it's a little pricey.

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          I find no discernable difference, though the Lilac Blossom on Spit Brook Road is one of the most beautiful restaurants in New Hampshire.

      2. I believe that the Lilac Blossom is one of the local restaurants that received several citations by health inspectors recently - in the local newspaper, I believe.

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        1. I have been to lilac blossom twice. Both times the service was horrible. Lots of waiting around for everything. Waiting for water, waiting for someone to take the order, waiting for food, waiting for the bill, etc etc...