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Jan 22, 2007 09:25 PM

Cracking Pizza Stones

After blowing through several unglazed tiles (bought in bulk from Home Depot for a buck a piece), I decided to cave and buy a real pizza stone. The second day I used it, it cracked. I did get some cheese on it (I was going super-thin, and had a pizza that refused to let go of the pan, cornmeal and flour dusting be damned). Any tips on not buying a stone every time I want to make a margarita?

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  1. Brainfreezebob Wrote: "...I decided to cave and buy a real pizza stone."

    Better details and what brand was it?


    Brainfreezebob Wrote: "Any tips on not buying a stone every time I want to make a margarita?"

    I recommend keeping the margarita out of the oven and away from the stone. Surprised you both do not crack up and fall to pieces. <wink>

    1. Oh, it wasn't a fancy stone. I threw the box away already, so I'm not sure what brand it was. I bought it Sur La Table for $20. Seemed like an upgrade from the tiles at the time....

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        If it is one of them cheapies your probably just buying something more expensive that tends to break. Like the few I got from Walmart.

        I suggest the Fibrament brand at the link below of do a search for one nearest you.


      2. Have you been preheating your stone with your oven, or preheating your oven first, then adding the stone? That "should" be the problem, according to what I've read elsewhere.

        I have a cheapo stone, and just leave it in my oven all of the time now (figure it might be saving gas as it helps to conserve heat, right?) and haven't had any issues at all.

        1. I've been heating it up along with the oven, so I don't think that's the problem. I've read elsewhere that people in humid areas have cracking problems, so maybe that's it.....

          1. This stone from King Arthur is a very good one.
            I have had one of these for about 15 years. It lives on the bottom rack of my oven and never comes out, goes through the cleaning cycle beautifully. It has never chipped or cracked. It is quite sturdy and is about 1/2" thick.