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Jan 22, 2007 09:14 PM

ISO pomegranate seeds in Hell's Kitchen

I've recently taken to noshing on pomegranate seeds, courtesy of a girlfriend who gets them from the Olympic corner deli on 13th and 1st.

I've checked the Amish Market, Mazella's Market, and Whole Foods to no avail. Where can I get the seeds in HK?

In theory I could seed my own darn pomegranate, but I don't have that kind of time.

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  1. I have bought them seeded at Amish Market before .

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    1. re: trinyc1979

      Hmm, maybe it's a seasonal or intermittent offering. I'll ask the [generally clueless] staff. Thanks!

      1. re: D...DF

        I was at Grand Central Market last night and saw seeded pomegranates!

      1. Trader Joe's has started carrying small containers of pomegranate seeds. Try the one at Union Square.

        1. It takes 5 minutes, 10 the first time, 15 if you're dense, to separate a pomegranate. You have time to go hunting for loose seeds, but not time to split one open?

          "ISO" = "in search of"

          1. WE like to put the pom juice on vanila ice-cream. It is a pomsicle.

            I also will also mix the juice with a little sugar and balsamic reduce it to a syrup and pour it over scallops