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Jan 22, 2007 09:01 PM

Making chicken stock right now

I am currently making chicken stock, but I really want to go to bed. It hasn't really been simmering long enough,(I started way too late). What do you think would happen if I took it off the heat, got rid of the veggies, and put it outside for the night(current temp: 17 degrees) then started again tomorrow? It has been simmering for about 3 hours now, but I really like a concentrated stock.

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  1. why toss the veggies? do you have a gas stove? put it on the lowest possible flame and simmer all night.

    alternatively, you could stop things, put the pot outside and start again in the morning.

    honestly, though? after 3 hours, your veggies have given all they've got. you could strain out everything and just reduce the liquid tomorrow.

    1. Don't remove the veggies. When this happens to me, I do refrigerate and start again the following day with little problem. When all is said and done I think the best thing for stock is a very fine cheesecloth or sieving of the stock when you're through.

      1. Yep, Thank you. I plan to remove the veggies because I'm pretty sure they have done their job by now. No need to keep them in. I thought about keeping it on overnight, but I am a hoverer. I hate the thought of something on the stove without me monitoring it. Not that anything bad would happen, but I probably wouldn't sleep very well. Also, I have an electric stove(I rent; no choice).

        1. I have put foods out into the cold overnight (temp. below freezing) successfuly. Just make sure you store it where no night-roaming creature can get at it. Put it into your car or an outside shed. Wouldn't leave ANYTHING on a lighted kitchen rage unattended...electric or gas!