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Jan 22, 2007 08:21 PM

11:00 AM Lunch in Portland?

I'm looking for an excellent lunch for myself and a friend who does not enjoy meat. She loves fish and creative vegetarian. Seems like everyplace good opens at 11:30. Any ideas? Downtown or inner SE, inner NE, Pearl areas would all be good. Ethnic and creative cuisine a plus.

Thanks for any ideas!

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  1. An "excellent" lunch might be difficult. I think even the Heathman's restaurant might close from 11:00am to 11:30am as they switch from breakfast to lunch. I looked through several fine dining spots that are open for lunch that I like and most were 11:30. One of the exceptions was Fenouil in the Pearl. They start lunch at 11:00am.

    I believe Karam is open for breakfast, so if they don't have a break between services, that's an option. Since it's Lebanese there is plenty of vegetarian options and, imo, they're the best of their cuisine in town.

    I'm not sure what Thanh Long's hours are, but since it's on PSU's campus, it wouldn't surprise me if it were open at 11:00am. It's not in my top 5, but so far my meals here have been better than average for Vietnamese in Portland.

    So there are a few....Hopefully others will know more.

    1. Bakery Bar looks like it's open--I don't know what time they switch from breakfast to lunch, though. They don't have a huge menu, but several things would fit your non-meat criteria:

      On the ethnic front, Silk (formerly Pho Van) in the Pearl, is listed as open at 11 on citysearch, if you want to try Vietnamese.

      1. I second Silk,(NW Glisan & 10th) I don't eat red meat and love their pho (chicken noodle is addictive) ..
        We had lunch today at Fenouil, always good.
        Everett St Bistro is open for breakfast through lunch and dinner. Great panini and crab cakes.
        If you can wait til 12:00, Piazza Italia is a great lunch..NW Johnson.

        1. No Fish Go Fish (40th & SE Hawthorne- ) is VERY good, friendly staff and funky decor. Caesar salad is FABULOUS, the 'fish' (shaped) sandwiches are great.

          1. I agree with many of the great suggestions already posted. Another option to consider is Manzana in the Pearl District, which serves lunch at 11 a.m. They offer several entree salads that can be ordered without meat. Also, they serve a vegetable platter entree that comes with a variety of seasonal veggies (artichokes, tomatoes, mashed potatoes, grilled corn on the cob, etc.). I routinely order that, and I'm not vegetarian.