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New site still crashing Safari when replying

The problem did not magically go away, sad to say:

Date/Time: 2007-01-22 21:04:35.229 -0800
OS Version: 10.4.8 (Build 8L127)
Report Version: 4

Command: Safari
Path: /Applications/Safari.app/Contents/MacOS/Safari
Parent: WindowServer [63]

Version: 2.0.4 (419.3)
Build Version: 1
Project Name: WebBrowser
Source Version: 4190300

PID: 251
Thread: 0

Exception: EXC_BAD_ACCESS (0x0001)
Codes: KERN_PROTECTION_FAILURE (0x0002) at 0x0000003e

Thread 0 Crashed:
0 com.apple.WebCore 0x95cd9720 QWidget::getView() const + 4
1 com.apple.WebCore 0x95e07dec QTextEdit::setCursorPosition(int, int) + 48
2 com.apple.WebCore 0x95e067ac khtml::RenderTextArea::updateFromElement() + 388
3 com.apple.WebCore 0x95e807b8 DOM::HTMLTextAreaElementImpl::setValue(DOM::DOMString const&) + 120
4 com.apple.WebCore 0x95d700cc KJS::HTMLElement::putValue(KJS::ExecState*, int, KJS::Value const&, int) + 11508
5 com.apple.WebCore 0x95d6d3a4 KJS::HTMLElement::tryPut(KJS::ExecState*, KJS::Identifier const&, KJS::Value const&, int) + 712
6 com.apple.WebCore 0x95d687c4 KJS::DOMObject::put(KJS::ExecState*, KJS::Identifier const&, KJS::Value const&, int) + 44
7 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x95c1c950 KJS::Reference::putValue(KJS::ExecState*, KJS::Value const&) + 228
8 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x95c1b4ac KJS::AssignNode::evaluate(KJS::ExecState*) + 1344
9 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x95c1aeac KJS::ExprStatementNode::execute(KJS::ExecState*) + 120
10 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x95c159ac KJS::SourceElementsNode::execute(KJS::ExecState*) + 544
11 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x95c1571c KJS::BlockNode::execute(KJS::ExecState*) + 140
12 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x95c21108 KJS::GlobalFuncImp::call(KJS::ExecState*, KJS::Object&, KJS::List const&) + 1088
13 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x95c17988 KJS::Object::call(KJS::ExecState*, KJS::Object&, KJS::List const&) + 136
14 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x95c162a8 KJS::FunctionCallNode::evaluate(KJS::ExecState*) + 1040
15 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x95c1aeac KJS::ExprStatementNode::execute(KJS::ExecState*) + 120
16 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x95c1585c KJS::SourceElementsNode::execute(KJS::ExecState*) + 208
17 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x95c1571c KJS::BlockNode::execute(KJS::ExecState*) + 140
18 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x95c2260c KJS::DeclaredFunctionImp::execute(KJS::ExecState*) + 44
19 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x95c21e88 KJS::FunctionImp::call(KJS::ExecState*, KJS::Object&, KJS::List const&) + 408
20 com.apple.JavaScriptCore 0x95c17988 KJS::Object::call(KJS::ExecState*, KJS::Object&, KJS::List const&) + 136
21 com.apple.WebCore 0x95ddbfec KJS::ScheduledAction::execute(KJS::Window*) + 204
22 com.apple.WebCore 0x95ddb7ac KJS::WindowQObject::timerEvent(QTimerEvent*) + 408
23 com.apple.WebCore 0x95d35384 -[KWQObjectTimerTarget sendTimerEvent] + 80
24 com.apple.Foundation 0x92961f5c __NSFireTimer + 116
25 com.apple.CoreFoundation 0x907f0550 __CFRunLoopDoTimer + 184
26 com.apple.CoreFoundation 0x907dcec8 __CFRunLoopRun + 1680
27 com.apple.CoreFoundation 0x907dc47c CFRunLoopRunSpecific + 268
28 com.apple.HIToolbox 0x93205740 RunCurrentEventLoopInMode + 264
29 com.apple.HIToolbox 0x93204dd4 ReceiveNextEventCommon + 380
30 com.apple.HIToolbox 0x93204c40 BlockUntilNextEventMatchingListInMode + 96
31 com.apple.AppKit 0x93708ae4 _DPSNextEvent + 384
32 com.apple.AppKit 0x937087a8 -[NSApplication nextEventMatchingMask:untilDate:inMode:dequeue:] + 116
33 com.apple.Safari 0x00006740 0x1000 + 22336
34 com.apple.AppKit 0x93704cec -[NSApplication run] + 472
35 com.apple.AppKit 0x937f587c NSApplicationMain + 452
36 com.apple.Safari 0x0005c77c 0x1000 + 374652
37 com.apple.Safari 0x0005c624 0x1000 + 374308

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  1. I'm having a similar issue... posting a reply crashes my Safari browser on Mac OS X. About to post a reply now so I guess I'll be seeing you...

    1 Reply
    1. re: Pincho

      Same was happening to me. I stopped using Safari browser altogether and now use Firefox. Works much better.

    2. We can't reproduce this problem on our end. Theoretically, javascript issues should never dump core in a browser, since the js runs in a sandboxed interpreter. We may have to report the issue to Apple.

      2 Replies
      1. re: Engineering

        sad to say i had this happen too. posted a reply and the browser crashed (safari 2.0.4). OS was not affected (10.4.8). interestingly, my reply was successfully posted.

        1. re: steve h.

          let the record show the problem is sporadic.

      2. Do you guys have any unusual Safari extensions installed?

        3 Replies
          1. re: Engineering

            No safari extensions. Up-to-date with both safari and osx. This is on a ppc.

            Definitely sporadic. In every case, I have had multiple tabs open. The crash
            dump is always very similar to the one I posted above, with the crash happening
            soon after a QTextEdit::setCursorPosition.

            I agree this is apple's problem, not yours. But I'm hoping that if they're not going
            to fix it at least you folks might figure out some workaround.

            I report it using the apple crash reporter every time it happens. Those reports
            tend to get blackholed. I haven't been able to find anything relevant on the
            webkit.org site, but that might be a good place to report the problem:

            1. re: Engineering

              No. I'm running Safari 2.0.4 on OSX 10.4.8... OS patches all up-to-date. I'm on Intel (anothe poster noted they were on PPC) so it seems independent of that distinction, must be a bug in the Safari JS impl shared between boith the Intel and PPC versions. That said, I never experiened this in the previous implementation of Chowhound.

              OK here goes a post, wish me luck...

            2. Can you guys try using the latest WebKit build from http://nightly.webkit.org/ ? It will look just like regular Safari, but you can tell it is WebKit-nightly if the icon in the dock has a gold ring instead of a silver one.

              1 Reply
              1. re: Engineering

                I'm running it now, will let you know if the issue recurs. Thanks.

              2. If that doesn't resolve things, I'll add an option in MyChow/Settings to disable the automatic thread scrolling. That should prevent the crash, at the cost of a minor inconvenience to your browsing.

                4 Replies
                1. re: Engineering

                  I'll grab the nightly and report back.
                  Unlike Pincho, I've been having this problem consistenly with
                  both this new site and the old new site. With the previous version
                  of safari and two previous minor versions of os x. So if the thread
                  scrolling is something new, it might not be the source of the troubles.


                  1. re: Chuckles the Clone

                    So far, so good. About a dozen posts and no crash. Normally, it's about
                    one out of five. The current nightly has a bunch of other problems though, so
                    I don't know how much longer I'm going to be able to use it.

                    1. re: Chuckles the Clone

                      All right. We'll add the option to the Settings page.

                      1. re: Engineering

                        I have this same problem in Safari. Instead of adding an option to Settings, why not disable that action when the client browser is Safari? I don't think it would be obvious to many users that this behavior setting would be optional. It comes across as a broken site.

                2. "posted a reply and the browser crashed (safari 2.0.4). OS was not affected (10.4.8). interestingly, my reply was successfully posted."

                  "let the record show the problem is sporadic."

                  Ditto on both.

                  Did not see any new setting options.

                  1 Reply
                  1. re: Alcachofa

                    yeah, the problem is still with us.

                    modest observation: seems the crash occurs on longer posts rather than shorter ones. specifically, posts that exceed the six or so lines you allocate in the default window. a crash is almost a certainty when editing (scrolling up and down many times, deleting lines of text, adding more lines, etc.). crash probability seems to increase when i do the above and then leave the comments window to check on other stuff.

                    probably not too helpful but there you have it.

                  2. **HEY** I posted about this problem in Internet Explorer, I'm running windows XP, I got no reply. Perhpas engineering will pay attention to my plea now that others are expriencing it in Safari? I'm about to hit "post my reply" after which I'll have to re-launch my browser, so see ya!