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Boulevard, San Francisco

Opinions, please, from those of you who've eaten there.
Thank you.

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  1. There are lots of reports here. Unfortunately the sort is currently screwed up so it's not easy to find them.

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        Really? I did a search under "Boulevard" and 3,832 responses were returned. Most of them are reviews.

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          Which you can filter to see only the 853 of those are on this board, sorted in no particular order.

          There are several recent reports buried in there somewhere, and last week I could have found them in 10 seconds.

    1. The times that I've gone (all for business) have all been great. Great service (unobtrusive, knowledgable) and great food. Plus you can't beat the view.

      1. Great food, but expensive (even for SF). The secret is to eat lunch there, NOT dinner. The menus are virtually the same but the lunch prices are significantly lower--or at least they were the last time we were there. If you're driving, their valet parking is reasonably priced and a big plus.

        1. It's our most favorite place to take someone who's visiting us for the first time. First class food and service. The wood burning oven items are normally outstanding, lamb, pork, duck. A table in the back gives you a wonderful view.

          1. It's my favorite restaurant in San Francisco.

            1. i found it to be exquisite, but very pricey...the atmosphere is also really distinctive in a way that ranks them above most other high end places in SF, imho

              1. For years this was my favorite restaurant in San Francisco, but the last couple of times I've been underwhelmed. The last time my friends and I went, we wondered if we would ever go back. Our chops were tasteless and the waiter brought one person the wrong dessert.

                We generally go for special occasion dinners or I've gone alone and eaten at the kitchen bar, and there was always something that knocked my socks off. I still remember the crab cakes that were the best I've ever had anywhere, and the shrimp appetizer in shredded filo dough. But the last couple of times we were quite disappointed, especially for the money. I do like the dining room though with the three distinctly different settings.