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Jan 22, 2007 06:01 PM

I'm introducing my boyfriend to my best friend!

(and her husband) We'll be in town from NYC and staying in Union Square but happy to travel a little. Any suggestions for a quiet (but not deadly quiet!), casual yet comfortable, trendy but not over-the-top, moderately-priced ($15-$25 entrees)? Most cuisines except Japanese (it's Chinese New Year that night so will be hard to get a reservation in certain restaurants - already tried Slanted Door). Somewhere memorable with a nice ambiance and where we won't feel rushed or uncomfortable. Thanks! - from a NYC chowhound!

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    1. Cortez might be a good spot. Tapas, quite enough to have a conversation, warm interior, relaxing.

      1. Are you saying you want to avoid Japanese cusine on account of Chinese New Year? Japanese do not celebrate New Year on that date. Also, it's CNY eve you want to avoid (Feb. 17 this year), not CNY itself. CNY eve will be on a Saturday night, so reservations may be difficult in any event.

        By and large, only Asian restaurants will be affected by the holiday, since NYE dinner is all about symbolic foods.

        1. my boyfriend doesn't like Japanese... so was just looking for other suggestions....

          1. I'd take them to Da Flora. Intimate, wonderful environment, great food, service can be a bit abrupt, but that's just because Flora is one hell of a woman. I think it would be an easy and delish choice