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Jan 22, 2007 05:54 PM

LBV/Orlando chow weekend

Greetings from Toronto Canada where it is a balmy 10 degrees F tonight.
DH and I are planning a mini vacation (3 nights only) to a Disney resort without kids and without parks. Things we are planning on doing are - Cirque show eating drinking shopping eating drinking outlet shopping eating .... Done some searches and have shortlisted the following:
Blackwater - would love some BBQ right about now.
Cafe Tu tu Tango - sounds entertaining.
Bonefish - want to try Floridian seafood
Taquitos Jalisco or Beto's - we don't have good Mexican or Tex Mex.
Bluezoo - sounds cool but pricey
Seasons 52 - like the sounds of the low cal thing.
Jackamo's - we don't have good Cajun or Nawlins anything here.
Raglans or Earl of Sandwich - when we are at Downtown Disney
Please help us decide. Also looking for an interesting breakfast place.


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  1. I'll be glad to refine this more, or add locations, but everything you mention would be on my list also -- were I you.

    Choose Taquitos Jalisco over Beto's. TJ is a sit down, waitress service situation instead of the quick serve at Beto's. Beto's is cheaper and more filling, but if I came here and was only eating Mexican at one place, I'd want a beer with the meal and some one to bring it to me.

    Jockomo's is good and it is the only real Cajun restaurant in town. Ownership has changed, and it seems to have maintained its quality so far. Just a caution, it's not quite the real thing, mostly because of the challenge of getting the best, freshest ingredients. I'm not discouraging you, but just making the point it's not exactly like NOLA.

    Raglan Road also is big, full , sit-down experience with entertainment, whilst Earl of Sandwich is quick serve, grab a (cheap, hearty) good sandwich. Both good, just different experiences.

    For breakfast, journey over to the Animal Kingdom Lodge for their breakfast buffet. A mix of American standards and African specialties. Very unusual.


    1. Even though it's a chain, I love BoneFish Grill - wish there was one in NE. They have this fabulous app if you love shrimp with a kick - Bang Bang Shrimp served in a martini glass and chopsticks. All their seafood is fabulous. I go whenever I'm in an area where there is one.

      1. Thanks Bob and lexpatti!
        We've been to AKL for breakfast on our last trip with kids - I remember it being very good. Any other breakfast/brunch suggestions?


        1. Definitely choose Taquitos Jalisco. I had the best Mexican dish ever on my last trip, and won't make a trip to Orlando again that doesn't include a meal there.

          Cafe Tu Tu Tango was good, definitely a good choice if you want some excitement and entertainment with your meal. Just be ready to order a lot of items.

          1. Back in Toronto now.... had a great weekend in Orlando.
            Really liked Taquitos Jalisco in Metrowest. Loved the margaritas and the salsa even though it was watery. Definitely will go back again next trip.
            Seasons 52 and Bonefish were good but the wait for a table at both places was something else - 2 hours. So we made a reservation for the next evening at Bonefish and ate at the bar in S52.
            Sunday dinner was a tad frustrating - ventured to Jackamo's but it's closed on Sunday evenings. Went further along to try to find Blackwater BBQ - it was closed too!! We felt we were underdressed for Coq au Vin, eventually ended up at Smokey Bones LOL.

            West Sand Lake area certainly has a very impressive choice of restaurants.

            Thanks again Bob, lexpatti and coasterphil.

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            1. re: mellie

              Interestingly I have been corresponding with someone planning a visit who didn't want to be tied down to a given day and time for dinner, but still wanted to hit a couple of the most popular.
              She finally caved in yesterday and made reservations for three nights, but could only get two of her first choices.
              The reservations are critical, especially now when each week includes spring vacationers from somewhere, bke week, speed week, big conventions, etc.
              You would have been fine at Le Coq Au Vin, casual is acceptable almost anywhere . . .

              Please come back and try us again. I'm sure we'll have more new places by then . . .