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Jan 22, 2007 05:23 PM

South Shore-where to eat?

What are the good restaurants on the South Shore? There seems to be a drought of anything besides Italian.


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  1. A couple of my favorites include Bridgeman's in Hull (Mediterranean cuisine) and Pho So 1 in Randolph (Vietnamese food). There are lots of others, though; you might want to do a search on this site, since there are several threads on this topic.

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      A second for Bridgeman's. We've had a number of lunches and they have all been very good to excellent.

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        Pho So 1! That's the place where I've stopped for Pho & Vietnamese coffee on a few occasions. Its goodness -- and its very existence -- surprised me.

      2. For Indian, there's Punjab Cafe on Rte 3a in Quincy, and Indian Delight on Washington St. in Weymouth. For Mexican, there's El Sarape in Weymouth Landing.

        For Chinese, there's many good choices in the area. My favorites are Mandarin King on Rte 3a in Quincy, just before the Fore River Bridge, or East Chinatown on Hancock St. in North Quincy. Japanese, there's Kagawa or Fuji in Quincy Center. For Chinese hot pot, Little Q in Quincy center is great. For excellent American/pub food, there's Grumpy White's on Sea St. in Quincy.

        There's also decent places in Norwell, Hingham and Hanover, but I'm not as familiar with those areas, so I'll leave the recommending to others.

        1. For some tasty kebab sandwiches, check out Baraka on Route 53 (northbound side) in Braintree. It is owned by Palestinians and they also sell pizza (which I haven't tried). We enjoy the Kofta kebob sandwiches there.

          Across the street is a strip mall with the South Shore India Market...218 Quincy Ave, Braintree...a great place to pick up spices and they sometimes sell kebobs and Indian pastries as well.

          For sushi, along with the places mwk listed in Quincy, we like Fujiyama on Rte 53 in Norwell. They also serve Thai food there.

          Practically right next door to that is Beiijing House, an Americanized Chinese restaurant.

          For Thai food, Sweet Lemons on Rte 53 in Weymouth (in a mini mall by the Shaws plaza) is tasty.

          Some places for Sunday breakfast are: Jimmy's Broad Street Diner (Broad St. Weymouth), Stars on Hingham Harbor (Rte. 3A Hingham), Niko's (Jackson Square, Weymouth), Arthur & Pat's Cafe (Brant Rock, in season).

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            I'd like to throw in Strawberry Fair in Norwell for breakfast, great place to get the paper and enjoy breakfast in peace.

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              I keep meaning to try Strawberry Fair. Perhaps I will drag my husband there this weekend for breakfast.

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                I've been to Strawberry Fair for lunch. It's a nice, cozy place with really good food!

          2. We like Bridgeman's too -- never had a bad meal there. Also in Hull is Saporito's which is sort of Italian but sort of California, I'd say. In Hingham, Tosca and Square Cafe are both reliable upscale places. Cohasset Village has Bia which is quite good but insanely noisy when crowded.

            1. Siam Cuisine on 53 in Hanover.
              I really love this place.

              Recently tried Las Palmas which is on 53 in Hanover as well. It's Mexican/Cuban and some dishes were great, others were just eh. Worth a look tho'- I'd definitely give it one more try. Nice to have some diversity on the south shore.