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Hainanese Chicken Rice?

I was reading this blog and developed the most unbearable craving for this Singaporean dish.


Anyone know where a good version can be found in LA? Preferably on the westside but I'll drive if I have to. Thanks!

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  1. Savoy
    138 E. Valley Boulevard
    Alhambra, CA, 91801
    (626) 308-9535

    987 S Glendora Ave
    West Covina, CA 91790
    (626) 338-6138

    isnt there some singaporean place in the farmers market? i wouldnt think it would be good and probably overpriced, but its closer...

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      Another shoutout for Savoy ~ haven't been there a while, do they still serve pizzas there? (which I thought were interesting)


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        Yup, they still have pizza ... but why on earth anyone would order one of their pies is beyond me....

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        Not overpriced, but you have to consider the parking situation...

      3. Savoy is very good and popular!!!

        1. Thanks guys! I'll try out Savoy. Do they have chicken livers too?

          1. Too bad you just missed Kuala Lumpur's version (they closed in December but they may re-open this year.) Check out the photo here and pray that KL re-opens sooner rather than later (or not at all): http://myculinaryadventures.blogspot....

            The place in the Farmers Market is called Banana Leaf and it's very good.

            And thanks for posting that link; I've always wanted the recipe!

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              Wow, those pictures are gorgeous. I am very sorry I missed out on such a great-looking place. Any idea why they closed?

              I suppose I should stop being so lazy and just cook the chicken rice at home. Having never tasted it before I wanted to try out an authentic version so I know what to aim for. Thanks!

            2. again, another recommendation for savoy.

              theirs is a good reliable rendition and very cheap too. but i warn you, dont load up on any other dish than the hcr. after eating that, go across the street to phoenix inn bakery and get something sweet for the best cheap night.

              we love alhambra.

              1. Savoy probably sets the standard, but you should also give Baccali a try as well - especially if you are willing to try a "roasted" chicken ...

                245 W. Valley Blvd
                (626) 570-8333

                1. i am actually partial to the thai version of the dish. same delicious rice cooked in garlic and chicken broth, same super tender chicken. but, the chicken is boneless and instead of 3 sauces it's a single spicy sauce. and they serve chicken broth on the side.

                  for the best thai version in l.a. hands down, try siam sunset on the north side of sunset blvd. it's a few miles east of the 101 fwy, across the street from the 99 cent store, inside a motel. you can park in the motel if you are eating there.

                  1. hi there, i used to live in singapore so can definitely relate to your craving for HCR.. baccali is a good restaurant, but their version of HCR is awful. savoy is OK, some of the sauces are wrong. i hear a viet place in alhambra at the intersection of new and valley is the best so far...

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                      I agree with you about Savoy's sauces. Totally wrong...

                    2. There is also this really good place in Alhambra/Monterey Park. It is on Valley/New in the shopping center with the Asian Market 168. I don't remember the name but I think it's the restaurant in the middle, not the corner one. They make a really good Hainan chicken rice. You can tell when more than half of the orders in there are for that dish.Their rice is extra tastey and the dipping sauces compliment the chicken so well. I always ask for all dark meat and they are very accomodating. It also comes with a herbal chicken soup which I really like.

                      I also do enjoy Savoy's version of Hainan Chicken Rice. I think Savoy's rice tends to be a little more on the oily side.

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                        Savoy's rice isn't oily enough! Maximum chicken oil = maximum flavor.