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Jan 22, 2007 05:05 PM


Does anyone have any good ideas for apps and side dishes for a Superbowl party? The main course will be bbq meats, burgers, chicken, etc. I don't want anything too fancy since it is the Superbowl. Nothing should be hard to make or annoying to eat. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I was thinking of making deluxe nachos. I spread a bag of chips onto a cookie sheet (This time I have nacho cheese Doritos) , then I'll add 1 can of lime and chili refried beans and 1 can of cannelini beans. I'll then top w/ cheese, bake till melted then add chopped toms, salsa and sour cream. (guac on the side for me). My boys won't eat olives or onions but, I'm sure those are also great adds. KQ

    Microwave popcorn is a good thing too if you're not into nachos - Mix w/pretzels -those cheese sandwich things made by Snyders.

    1. Heart attacks--1/3 of a hot dog wrapped in bacon, sprinkled w/ brown sugar held together by toothpicks. Superbowl worthy.;-)

      1. Paula Deen's bacon crackers are legendary at my parties. Sprinkle Club or Ritz (I prefer the former) crackers with a little shredded parmesan, wrap with half a strip of bacon, and bake at 200 for 2 hours or until the bacon starts to crisp. She bakes them on a cookie sheet, but I put a rack atop the cookie sheet to cut down on the grease ever so slightly. They're still damn greasy, and damn delicious.

        1. How about a modern twist on nachos/7 layer dip?

          Either make or buy hummus, spread it out onto a platter, top with chopped kalamata olives, chopped red onions, tabouleh, crumbled feta, toasted pine nuts, and drizzle it w/ olive oil.

          Either around the rim of the platter or in a basket/bowl on the side, server with toasted pita wedges.

          1. I have a great recipe for a tasty, red-potato salad that's right up your alley Daxx (C.A.). It has brown mustard, a little lemon juice, minced white onion, minced celery, salt, pepper, and grilled turkey kielbasa sausage. MMMMMM...serve it warm or cold, darn tasty.

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