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Jan 22, 2007 04:41 PM

How did you find Chowhounds?

I am curious how everyone found this site.
I found it by an ad on another gaming message board. I very rarely click on ads but this one sounded interesting. I hardly even ever pay attention to ads but I kinda noticed this one a couple times but never paid much attention to it.

I know a few people who would fit in here(loves to eat and try new things, dislikes most chains and fast food especially is only something you eat when desperate) but never heard of this place, so it made me curious how everyone found this site.

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  1. Hi, LARaven,

    Welcome to Chowhound!

    There's a previous thread on this subject here: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/329663

    You might want to add your story to that thread, and read the other ones there, as well.

    1. Okay I'm sorry. I did try to look back to see if there was another thread on this, I figured there must be, but I wasn't sure how it would be worded and the words "How" and "chowhound" comes up quite often.
      I just happend to post this at the same time the site was changing looks and was having a hard time posting it :)

      Thank you for the link

      1. Google, I'm sure, but who knows for what - I do a lot of food-related surfing. I do recall running across it a number of times before I started reading or posting anything like regularly, but I think that was as much because it took a while to start branching out from a primarily restaurant-oriented site, which I didn't have much on-going interest in.

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        1. i googled chowhound to find the phone number of a restaurant in saugerties ny by the same name.

          1. Several years ago, I asked a woman sitting next to me on a flight if she could suggest any restaurants in downtown Chicago, and she pulled out from her bag a print-out of a thread on chowhound and gave it to me.