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How did you find Chowhounds?

I am curious how everyone found this site.
I found it by an ad on another gaming message board. I very rarely click on ads but this one sounded interesting. I hardly even ever pay attention to ads but I kinda noticed this one a couple times but never paid much attention to it.

I know a few people who would fit in here(loves to eat and try new things, dislikes most chains and fast food especially is only something you eat when desperate) but never heard of this place, so it made me curious how everyone found this site.

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  1. Hi, LARaven,

    Welcome to Chowhound!

    There's a previous thread on this subject here: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/329663

    You might want to add your story to that thread, and read the other ones there, as well.

    1. Okay I'm sorry. I did try to look back to see if there was another thread on this, I figured there must be, but I wasn't sure how it would be worded and the words "How" and "chowhound" comes up quite often.
      I just happend to post this at the same time the site was changing looks and was having a hard time posting it :)

      Thank you for the link

      1. Google, I'm sure, but who knows for what - I do a lot of food-related surfing. I do recall running across it a number of times before I started reading or posting anything like regularly, but I think that was as much because it took a while to start branching out from a primarily restaurant-oriented site, which I didn't have much on-going interest in.

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        1. i googled chowhound to find the phone number of a restaurant in saugerties ny by the same name.

          1. Several years ago, I asked a woman sitting next to me on a flight if she could suggest any restaurants in downtown Chicago, and she pulled out from her bag a print-out of a thread on chowhound and gave it to me.

              1. I don't remember either - many years.

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                  well I can't claim that, it's only been months for me. in fact the recent changes are the first changes for me. I think I stumbled upon chow and accidentally browsed over to chowhound. Someone helped me find a candy I'd been searching for for years and I was hooked.

                2. My uncle (from LA) is an avid chowhound. When he came to visit me in NY a couple of years ago, he already had several suggestions for restaurants to visit. When I inquired as to how he found out about the places, he told me about the site. I've been hooked ever since.

                  1. I was very excited about an upcoming trip to New Orleans for Jazz Fest and was reading their board several times a day (our first trip to the Big Easy). One of the threads from that board was about good restaurants and someone mentioned Chowhound. I've been an avid lurker and sometime poster ever since, and that was in 1999.

                    1. Through backlinks from one of my now-defunct websites.

                      1. I read about it in one of Calvin Trillin's books.

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                        1. re: The Librarian

                          I did also; "Feeding a Yen", I'm pretty sure.

                        2. I "googled" restaurant recs in Aruba and found a post from a woman I know in my home town who is a real foodie. What a lucky coincidence!!

                          1. I believe I heard it mentioned on one of the roadfood.com forums

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                            1. I think read a little blurb about it in Newsweek a few years back.

                                1. chowhound (mostly the pacific nw board) has come up as a result on a few of my google searches so I had checked chowhound out before I finally decided to sign up.

                                  1. My older sister told me about it years ago, saying it was a terrific resource for restaurant info. As in most things, she was right, but it's so much more than that. While I think the changes are going to take some getting used to, I'm a huge fan and happy to belong to this community.

                                    1. Another message board called The Perfect World

                                      1. Saw it on Taste America while watching the travel channel.

                                        1. Saw it on "The Hungry Detective" on the Foodnetwork. This is my first visit. I'm not sure I like it, but I'll give it some time.

                                          1. Let,s retract my last statement.. Saw it on Hungry Detective while watching the Food channel.

                                            1. Chowhound is the best match I made from an online dating service!!! The first restaurant I tried was Soizic in Oakland. I fell in love with the place...but not the guy. You all got me instead!

                                              1. Was Googling a restaurant in my area and clicked on the link many moons ago

                                                1. -----

                                                  I was bored stiff when my regular hangouts were doing the maintainance number. I started looking for some varations in some reciepes and got involved here in the process.


                                                  1. I can't even remember now. I started visiting Chowhound probably 7 years ago now and for all I know, I just Googled something about food and found this site!

                                                    1. I was filling out a poll (Harris), and it was asking about various sites, had I ever visited here, there, etc. I saw chowhound.com and thought, hmmmm... I need to be there.

                                                      And here I am!

                                                      1. from a couple sitting next to me at my favorite regular restaurant in Cambridge

                                                        1. I think it was a link (or mention) on Steven Shaw's NY restaurant site. Even though I live in SF, that my sister had pointed that site out to me because at the time he was doing a "travel across the country" series. This was almost six years ago, long before "blogs" became ubiquitous.

                                                          1. Saw it on a Rachel Ray Sux community post - I was checking it out - site mostly mean, but rather funny

                                                            1. Read an article about it in the New York Times on 11/22/2006.

                                                              1. I saw chowhound.com spray-painted on a train.