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Jan 22, 2007 04:14 PM

best Dublin has to offer

from washington dc, I am looking for the most impressive resturant in dublin. what are the most celebrated resturants and the ones with a history of being great?

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  1. Patrick Guilbaud's and Cookes. There's a few others.

    1. I would also recommend L'Ecrivan and Chapter One. for steak, Shanahans on the Green.
      try for more info, reviews and sample menus.

      1. Guilbaud's is the most expensive (I think) and the only 2* in Ireland, but I didn't have a great experience when I went for lunch a couple of months ago. The food was perfect (although quite conservative) but the service felt overbearing. My wife picked up her coffee pot to top up, and got it taken off her by an overenthusiatic waiter. Also, we don't need a personal escort to the toilet!

        I've had some very memorable food in Jacob's Ladder, but it's a bit businessy at lunch and I had a report from a friend of an overcooked steak (the horror!). Also, it seems to have dropped off the radar as far as reviews go.

        L'Ecrivain and Thorntons both have a star, and Chapter One is also well-regarded, but regrettably I have not dined at any of these.

        Two good references are the Dubliner 100 Best Restaurants (fun, unpretentious) and the Bridgestone Guide (bangs on incessantly about "artisan food" but useful nonetheless).

        Good news is that Dublin is a relatively cheap place to eat well, compared to London at least. €50 a head all in is the norm for the decent lunch spots.


        1. The Tea Room in the Hotel Clarence is quite good.

          1. I love Eden in Temple Bar in Dublin. Exquisite pork belly, fantastic fish -- it's been a while since I ate there, but I remember we unanimously agreed it was the best meal we had both times we ate there while traveling in Ireland and the UK. Just terrific. What a restaurant should be. Service subtle, food just dead-on. Lots of vegetables and a deft hand with sauces/seasonings.

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              Dublin Most certainly is NOT a relatively cheap place to eat but some good places can be found. I have heard two bad stories about Patrick Guillbaud and to be honest its way too expensive. L'Ecrivan was reccommended especially for a long lunch.

              Chapter one has just received its first Michelin Star and has a good value early bird. Shanahans has excellent steak and another place Darwins on Angier street gets their from the same place. Both were highly reccommended to me. Try one of the restaurants ion the rewcently re-opened Shelbourne Hotel. If not do go for a cocktail first there. I had a really good margerita there last week.

              L'Gueleton is good but they do not take bookings and you leave your name in. The food is french and excellent