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Jan 22, 2007 11:50 PM

What's your best burger in OC?

I've been scouring this board for the past few hours. GREAT information, and I love reading about all the great restaurants. Makes me want to go out and eat. I am no foodie by any means, although, my husband is. So, I'll probably visit this board to get ideas.

With that in mind. My favorite food is a cheeseburger. Nothing fancy, just a bun, burger, cheese, maybe lettuce, maybe ketchup. If it's GOOD, it doesn't need lettuce, ketchup, OR cheese.

Yes, I even classify my burgers. Fast food, sit down, and restuarant. So, what I'm looking for are sit down/restaurant types. The type where you order it and THEY bring it to you. Been to TK's, love it. My friend recently introduced me to Mo's in Burbank. Let's just say, whenever I go to LA (I live in Irvine), I make a trip there.

What I love about Mo's is that you don't need sauce, you don't need fries, you don't need no stikin' drink. It's soooo good, sooo tasty, and sooo juicy, it's great alone. (I love their salads too).

The problem is...........Burbank is VERY far.

I want a good OC burger. I've seen some people suggest Muldoon's. I have enjoyed Cafe R&D's burger. I didn't care for Tommy Bahama's (although ppl raved about it).

So, what's YOUR suggestion for a tasty, burger? I think I like burgers with good buns. lol.


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  1. Its not a restaurant, but its a must try. You need to get the Husky Boy Kobe beef burger in Laguna Beach. Its on PCH. You have driven past it for sure. Its just a burger stand. Try it.

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    1. re: rdub5

      Writing all this down, thanks. I will definitely check it out. I'm game for any burger tasting session. lol

      1. re: rdub5

        Oh, wow. We had the Husky Boy Husky Burger--a burger with cheese and pastrami. Was succulent and juicy and surprisingly delicious. Was glad I was coaxed into it. With pretty good onion rings and fries. Wish I had spent the month before gearing up by eating a lot of meat, though. The experience put my stomach down for the count.

        And two of them served three people with burger and pastrami left over, they were that big.

      2. Muldoon's has incredible burgers! Just a perfect burger, and they rate #1 in my book. I really enjoy Houston's Cheeseburger, and Morton's burger as well for lunch.

        1. Houston's is great but nothing compares to Morton's. They only serve it at lunch.

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          1. re: TBB3

            Definitely going to Muldoon's. :) I had a Houston's, wasn't too impressed, however, I'll have to go try Morton's. My husband wants to go, so lunch would be a great time. :) thanks for all the suggestions so far.

            1. re: kelela92

              I went to Morton's. I'm not sure why, but I didn't care for it. I don't know if it's because the beef was GOOD beef and I'm not used that quality, or that the bun was bland, the fries were bland, the burger was eh. I wouldn't spend that much for their burger ever again. I felt Pacific Whey had a MUCH better burger.

          2. Hamburger Mary's has a nice variety of gourmet burgers to choose from.

            Others I like are Knowlwood and Fuddruckers.

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            1. re: Wonginator

              I think I have been to a Hamburger Mary's, but I'm not sure, will need to check into that. :) I definitely love Knowlwood's, but I never really cared for Fuddruckers. Thanks for the suggestions.

              1. re: kelela92

                Hamburger Mary's in Newport is no more. They closed up shop a little over a week ago. (for the record, i never found the burgers that special.)

                1. re: thome50

                  Yup, all gone. I never found it "special" but it wasn't bad either. Better than most I've had. :)

                  1. re: thome50

                    I think the next closest one that still exists is in West Hollywood near the city hall.

              2. TK is my default burger because its close to work. The meat's not special, but taken as a whole, the sum is greater than its parts

                I had a very nice one yesterday at The Beachcomber. The patty's loosely formed by hand, and it retained its juices nicely (cooked medium-ish). I really like the bun here. Too much lettuce and extraneous stuff, but you can remove that. The one downside is they didn't salt the meat before cooking, which is a minus in my book.

                Also, it's a really busy spot and you'll have to wait a while to get seated. But you can't beat the view. See my blog post for more photos. I'm attaching the pertinent burger pic to test our new Chowhound features.

                One other place: The Steelhead Brewery in Irvine tops their very good burger with some super thick bacon studded with cracked black peppercorn. If you're a fan of this sort of thing, Steelhead is across from the UCI campus. Check it out.

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                1. re: Professor Salt

                  TK is definitely good. My husband took me a bit ago. GREAT burgers. That falls into my "sit down" category. :)I'll definitely have to try out The Beachcomber, looks like it's down the street from me. That'd be great. :) And Steelhead isn't too far either. Thanks for the suggestions. Cant' say my husband will be happy to go to all these burger places, but TOO BAD. lol