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pizza delivery in UES (higher than 86th)

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Anyone know of decent pizza delivery place in UES higher than 86th street? I'm not too picky, I just want anything that has crisp crust and not the raw doughy mess that is so prevalent.

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  1. Nick's - at 94th & Lex (Third?) is pretty decent.

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      2nd :)

      Delivery is cash only though...be aware!


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        3rd this. Kicks Pintaile's 'biscuit' pizza out of the park any day.

      2. Pintaile's on 91st and Madison. Fantastic pizza. Just don't canvass any 14yo's on how to pronounce the name. You'll get a dozen different versions, all claiming to be THE one!

        - Sean

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          I love Pintaile's (it's actually one of my favorite pies anywhere in the borough) but the few times I've tried delivery, they've been excruciatingly slow and the pies haven't come piping hot. Have I just been unlucky?

          I usually have no problem picking up, but in this weather ...

          1. Just been reminded by another post that Patsy's in East Harlem is the best pizza on the UES. I totally agree, but I have no idea if they deliver, or the extent of their delivery area.

            Anyone know?

            - Sean

            1. No, Patsy's, at least in East Harlem, doesn't deliver.

              1. I'm not sure if Mimi's delivers that high up, but they're good. 84th and Lex. Although the crust isn't that crisp, it is kind of doughy, but in a good way.

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                1. I order from Nina's, the Argentinian place on Second Avenue and 91st or so. Their pizza is very tasty, although the crust could be a bit crisper (sometimes I put it in the oven for 5 mins.). But it tastes better than all of the above, dudes! I esp. like the one with peppers, order it all the time. Their salads are good too, as a side. Cash only, however.