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Jan 22, 2007 11:15 PM

Vietnamese rice in a hot pot

I recently moved back to L.A. from St. Louis, where - if you can believe it - there was phenomenal Vietnamese food. My favorite dish from my favorite restauraunt was rice in a hot pot - a mix of cooked rice, brown sauce, vegetables and some kind of protein, all baked in a metal pot so that the bottom and sides got crispy. I would kill to find it here in Los Angeles - has anyone seen or had anything similar?

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  1. clay pot rice can be found at.

    nga trang
    647 W Valley Blvd
    Alhambra, CA 91803
    (626) 281-1840

    you may want to call, but i believe they do a chicken clay pot rice...their specialty is their goi cuon...

    used to be called "brodard 2" after the famous vietnamese place in little saigon.

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    1. re: modernist

      I just want to let you all know, Nha Trang has nothing anymore.

      Its just the normal Pho's, 3 types of Vermicilli, 3 types of Rice , and 3 types of eggrolls.

      No clay rice pot, no Bun cha (even though their outside walls say it).

      dont make the mistake i made =( i drove from Diamond bar to Alhambra to try it and i was not impressed

      1. re: clayfu

        no way. that sucks.
        i also like going to hanoi in little saigon for bun cha hanoi... but its kinda far. now i'll need to find a good replacement for nha trang.

    2. Chaus Kitchen
      107 E. Valley Blvd.
      San Gabriel

      1. Wow, I'm Vietnamese and I've never had this Clay Rice Pot dish. I'm intrigued now. Must go get some.

        1. Can you make it down to Westminster? Luc Dinh Ky is a restaurant that specializes in this dish. Free nuoc mat (cane iced tea) too.

          9600 Bolsa Ave (just East of Bushard). They recently opened a second place down the street towards Brookhurst. Check the address and make sure you're at the right one.

          oddasiangirl: this may be more of a Chinese dish.

          1. i was waiting all week for some bun cha hanoi. clayfu and myself made the trek down there and NADA. i was very disappointed.

            oh and the name is actually Nha Trang and not Nga Trang.