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Jan 22, 2007 11:01 PM

One night in New Orleans - where should I eat?

Hello New Orleans, from a visiting SF Bay Area Chowhound. I have just 1 more night here to eat out, tonight, and I want to go somewhere authentic and great. Last night we ate at Arnauds, which I thought was very good.

Where should I go? Am staying downtown walking distance to French Qtr. I don't have a car so I want to stay close...

Thanks for your help!

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  1. In light of my last post and my research here, the Bon Ton Cafe is quite dependable:

    Acme in the FQ also comes highly regarded, plenty of tourists and lines, however:

    I didn't make it to Dick and Jenny's but it was on my short list:
    4501 Tchoupitoulas St
    New Orleans, LA 70115
    (504) 894-9880

    1. these all sound good. Thanks!

      1. Not sure what you mean by authentic, but I would highly recommend K-Paul's. There will be a lot of tourists, but locals do go there, and it's a fun atmosphere. The food is unbelievably rich, though, so if you prefer light, clean flavors, you may not enjoy it.

        Stella! and Bayona are both excellent, and while not traditionally Creole, they certainly use local foods to great advantage. I might choose Stella over Bayona, but only by a smidge. August would be right up there as well, and that might be closer to you.

        If you're looking for down and dirty, try Coop's Place.

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        1. re: JGrey

          Got back yesterday. Went to K Pauls and enjoyed it very muich. Highlight for me was the Shrimp Etouffee (sp?)

          As great as the food was in NO, the music was even better! Some of the best kick-ass Rock and roll I have ever heard. And every night! You just don't find that much to do and to eat in one City, even here in SF. I will definitely be back!

          1. re: WCFoodie

            Glad you enjoyed K-Paul's! I think the bread basket alone is worth the trip. Hurry back.

          1. One more night in New Orleans right? Where would I go? I would put on a jacket and tie and spend a good three hours at Galatoire's. If you want less dressy, go to Stella which also has truly excellent food.