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Jan 22, 2007 10:45 PM

Lamajun (sp???)

where to get it? I'm pretty sure these exist at some Lebanese bakeries or restaurants.

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  1. The best and most flavorful are at Partamians Bakery. It has been around since the 60's, maybe longer, they also have boreg and monti. The are located on Adams, west of LaBrea and 4 blocks east of Fairfax, south side of street. Good eatin !

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    1. re: Burger Boy

      Hmmm. Someone should consolidate this thread and Kevin's below on Syrian pizza - because you just answered one of my questions about Partamian's. Did there used to be an Armenian community in that neighborhood?

      I didn't see any boreg or monti when I went, I'll have to go back. I did love that lahmajune (sp?) though.

      1. re: ks in la

        Yes, at least there was a major Armenian church on West Adams. It moved around 1970.

    2. We've always gotten ours from Koko's Bakery
      1674 E Washington Blvd, Pasadena, CA
      (626) 798-2543

      1. arax bakery
        4871 Santa Monica Blvd
        Los Angeles, CA, 90029
        (323) 666-7313


        Sasoun Bakery
        5114 Santa Monica Blvd
        Los Angeles, CA 90029
        (323) 661-1868

        they are both good. i kind of like the mom and pop vibe at arax. both also have very good herbaceous maenesh and boureg. in the bready folded into triangle style, not the filo-ish crispy bosnian style.

        i was told by an armenian that there was some place in saint vincents food court in downtown that there was amazing lahmajune but i havent found it (or really looked that hard)

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        1. re: modernist

          I think Arax has the better lahmajunes but Sasoun has the better beuregs.
          I miss Danaian's bakery on my elementary school days I'd pass by it every day.

          1. re: modernist

            I thought place at Saint Vincent's court you're looking for was Sevan Garden Kebab House. The menu (via includes a lot of Armenian food, but no lahmajune. I called to ask, but they don't sell it. I also called Farid's, but they're strictly Persian.

            1. re: cmholm

              i actually found it at st vincents court. its part of the pizza spot on the corner as you walk into the court.

              its sort of how in the east coast a lot of the pizza joints have burek because they are actually bosnian.

          2. Also at Good Foods Market (south east corner-ish of Allen/Washington in Pasadena). They sell it in packs of 6 for a couple dollars.

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            1. re: The Oracle

              A neighborhood friend brought a pack of those - I'm assuming that's what they are, flat golden disks with herbs on top - to our party Saturday night, and nobody touched them. Too bad - I've been warming them in the toaster oven for lunch, trying different embellishments, though all they really need to my taste is a bit of salt.

              He brought some folded spinach-and-cheese pie thingies, too, I assume from the same source. Like spanakopita (sp?), only with a plain dough instead of filo. Also very tasty.

              1. re: Will Owen


                Have you tried squeezing some fresh lemon juice and olive oil on top? That was suggested to me by a little old Amenian lady (along with mix the light and dark Armenian coffee beans together) . It really perks it up.

                1. re: SeaCook

                  After having had an Armenian grandma-in-law for a while, I'm always ready to take their advice! Lemon juice and olive oil it will be, and thanks.

                  The trip with the egg looks yummy, too...

            2. Are any as good as the late, lamented Uncle Jack's Meat Pies which was off Santa Monica near Vermont?

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              1. re: Paliman

                I think Arax's comes close, a little spicy but still good. I think Danaian's bakery (aka Uncle Jack's) was the best though.