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Jan 22, 2007 10:45 PM

Asia Los Feliz Gripe

My BF and I had and early, 7pm, dinner sat. nigiht at Asia. The first thing my eyes zeroed in on the menu was the truffle, lobster mac and cheese. I asked if it was big enough to share and was told yes, but it was not ready yet. I was fine with that and said we'd order some appeteizers and then order the rest of the dinner. We had some sushi and rolls, all quite good, but when the app.s were finished, we were told that there would be no mac and cheese at all that night. We ordered dinner, but was told one of the things we wanted was not available. We ordered again and went on to have a VERY good dinner then tried to order desert. They were out of the desert wine we tried to order.

Here's my gripe. In this modern world with laser printers, there is no reason for a menu or wine list not to be up to date.

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