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Jan 22, 2007 10:45 PM

Turkish manti

Manti are dumplings/ravioli stuffed with minced beef in a yogurt sauce.

I don't think i've seen it anywhere around town. Or for that matter many Turkish restaurants either.

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  1. Some of the Armenian groceries on Washington in Pasadena have frozen manti--it's pretty good and easy to prepare. I've never seen manti in a restaurant though.

    1. Try calling avo's in Reseda,serra's in studio city, sako mediterranean in reseda and there's a place i can't remember in huntington beach that has turkish food.
      Moonlight Sako's Mediterranean
      6736 Corbin Avenue
      Reseda, CA 91335
      (818) 342-8710

      The turkish student associatin at Caltech's website says that cravings on sunset is a turkish restaurant, so give them a call as well. Perhaps they can help you.

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        Cravings doesn't have these. In fact, their menu isn't very Turkish at all. I would LOVE to find some too!

      2. Manti are also Central Asian. Uzbekistan has them, although I didn't like them (or it) very much.

        1. Is the traditional Turkish way to serve Manti is with the tomato sauce and the garlic yogurt dip?