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Jan 22, 2007 10:44 PM

Syrian pizza?

where to get it?

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  1. Do you mean lahmajoun? It's a sort of flat yeasted bread topped with a spiced ground lamb mixture.

    I like the ones at Sasoun Bakery in Glendale (there's another location in Hollywood) and at Koko's Bakery in Pasadena. I think Mandaloun in Glendale has it as well. Wahib's in Alhambra sells them in their little glass case by the cash register, but I don't think they show up on the menu. A friend swears the lahmajoun at Partamian Bakery, but I've never had it before. Also, many Middle Eastern grocery stores sell ready-made lahmajoun in their bread section.

    If you do a taste test, please report back! Enjoy!

    Sasoun Bakery, 625 E Colorado Blvd. (at Glendale Ave.), Glendale

    Sasoun Bakery, 5114 Santa Monica Blvd. (at Normandie) Los Angeles

    Koko’s Bakery, 1674 E Washington Blvd. (at Oxford) Pasadena

    Abraham Partamian Armenian Bakery
    5410 W Adams Blvd. (at Burnside), Los Angeles

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      I've had that at Partamian Bakery - it's really good. I didn't see what it was called, but I saw they had a stack in the case and decided to ask for one. They heated it up for me and I ate it right away (I don't know how well it would keep, but I guess you could buy it cold and heat it up at home yourself). It's a really good balance of flavors and texture.

      That's such an interesting/odd place. I'd definitely like to know more about the history of it.

    2. The best and most flavorful are at Partamians Bakery. It has been around since the 60's, maybe longer, they also have boreg and monti. The are located on Adams, west of LaBrea and 4 blocks east of Fairfax, south side of street. Good eatin !

      1. What's a Syrian pizza? Would you please describe it? Thanks!

        1. I had a great link of this saved in the defunct "MY Chow"...will post once it is up and running again