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Newport Seafood on Las Tunas in San Gabriel.

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I seemed to misplace my notes what was the famous dish to get here?

Lobster or Crab, and what preparation, newport seafood, house style, or ginger, or salt and pepper.


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    1. Assuming you want something else to eat as well, I would urge you to try the "French-style" beef. And DO NOT ignore the lettuce it's served on - that might be the best part!!

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        oo yes. i love this place. and their lobster. and their french-style beef. although i completely ignored the lettuce the last few times i went ><...

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          Ok, now you have peeked my interes. I maus t go try this place. What is the "House style" preparation? And the "french style" preparation?

      2. House style lobster is most popular. You can get the crab in the same preparation, which, by the way, is identical (but better executed) than what you'd bet for double the price at Crustacean in BH.
        French style beef is also incredible, and I'm also partial to the house-style fish (deep fried and smothered in a spicy, garlicky sweet sauce).
        You'll also notice a lot of people getting clams (again, house style, which is cooked with basil and galic).

        make sure you save room for eating lots of rice, because you will not want to waste a drop of any of the sauces...

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          right on about the house style lobster, the beef, and the clams!

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            agree on all three, house style lobster, beef luc lac and the clams. i also really enjoy the elephant clam cooked two ways, one fried and the other raw with a delicious dipping sauce.

        2. thanks for the tip, on the rest of the stuff. the takeout menu listed a lot of tempting sounding stuff besides the lobster.

          is it the Beef lu lac, you're talking about?

          frog legs,over here, worth a try too?

          and the menu does have a whole section of clam preparations.

          1. Yes, Beef lu lac is the French-style beef.
            Also, their squab is pretty good too. Nice and deep-fried!

            1. Spot-on recommendations, above. I can eat that scallion/chili/black pepper sauce all night (given enough rice). I don't think I've had the house style fish yet. Will try to remember on my next visit.

              Any other recommended menu items that are perhaps less popular or underrated at Newport?

              1. how much it cost for lobster n stuff there?

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                  Lobster, crab, and live fish prices are seasonal. Based on an old copy of the menu, rice dishes are about $6. A La Carte dishes mostly range from about $6 to about $11.

                2. I have no recs for the lobster, as we have not gotten quite that high up on the food chain. I would like to mention, however, that we once assembled a meal there for which we paid around $60 for the table, and at the time I noticed that an adjacent table had ordered a prix fixe meal that was almost identical to ours...and when I looked it up on the menu, it was around $48! So: word to the wise is look on the prix fixe page and see if your choices might be there.

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                    the prix fixe options are good deals, but you don't necessarily get the specialties, like the lobster. also, the fish is the steamed fish which, while good, is pretty much the same as what you can get at any good chinese seafood restaurant.
                    i will say that their kung pao chicken, which was part of the prix fixe, was the one of the best versions i've had anywhere.

                    oh, one other thing... i really like their gai lan (aka chinese broccoli). somehow, it's a little less bitter while staying flavorful, and the texture is always perfect.

                  2. Did they move recently?.. I was there in January in Rowland Heights and their food was incredible - - at an incredible price for the lunch special. For the two of us, I ordered the Kung pao chicken, salt and pepper shrimp and fried rice. The salt and pepper shrimp (only $5.95!) was a plate full of incredible flavor and perfectly cooked and seasoned. The kung pao shrimp was not hot enough, probably because they saw we were the only caucasians in the restaurant (I knew this place was gonna be damned good). But the flavor of the kung pao was incredible. The total price for lunch was about $20 ... and it was the best chinese food dining experience ever... Sure, I felt like a minority in this restaurant, but the service and courtesy of the waiters was terrific! This restaurant is an incredible deal for lunch, and I will certainly be back...I would like to try the lobster and crab - - the photos are too much to take! Any comments or comparisons between lunch and dinner? Any other recommendations?

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                      I went for dinner and had a great lobster cut up, cooked in a wok with a great green onion and garlic sauce. theyve got different preparations and different sized lobsters and live crabs. They charge by the pound. I think they were just about to move when I was there.