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Jan 22, 2007 10:35 PM

Pho 88 @ Spadina

I noticed the big wood construciton walls. Anyone know whats going on with PHO 88 and when will it open again? Also, I took a peek and it's been totally gutted, so will it become modern and pretty or are they just making more space for the money exchange?

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  1. they used to do my favorite pho, then a few years ago i was having soup and a guy (cook i'd suspect) emerged from the kitchen , parked himself a few tables over, and started full on picking his nose - needless to say i haven't been back since

    1. YES. Since I've moved downtown Pho 88 has always had the best noodles (thinner) and broth. It's kind of dicey to actually eat-in at night though so I just recommend take-out. The last time we ate there at 9PM on a weekday it was empty except for a very disturbed gentlemen that seemed to be almost passed out and not wanting to leave. The cops had to be called and it was highly uncomfortable.

      1. Okay, the nose picking thing is gross. Truly bloody gross.
        That said . . . when I was there six months ago I thought the pho was some of the best I'd had. Broth was gorgeous.
        But ugh. The saddest part is that I'd probably go back . . .

        1. Great place, I hope that it reopens soon.

          1. I was there with a couple of family members at the very end of December and the "new" owner is the son (didn't catch his name) of the highly efficient woman who ran both the resto and money exchange.

            He's taken over ownership and told us that they were hoping to re-open in February after renovations. He was very friendly, working the room at lunch time and had the cook prepare us a small bowl of rice, noodles, veggies, and bits of chicken in chicken broth for my one and a half year old son, without us asking. Just a nice gesture.

            Re: the nose picking incident....I'm gonna block that out.