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Jan 22, 2007 09:58 PM

buttermilk cupcakes

I love baking with buttermilk (buttermilk pie!), and I love cupcakes, and so I recently set out to whip a batch of the buttermilk cupcake recipe in the Gourmet cookbook. But, I have to say, I was a little let down. I'd like a little more buttermilk and a little less traditional vanilla (though perhaps this is my fault, since I added vanilla bean on top of vanilla extract). In any case, I'd like to try out a new recipe. Any suggestions?

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    Basic buttermilk recipes, IMHO, need to be more on the natural side, not spoiled with flavorings or spices.

    Of course this applies to the basic items like cupcakes or buiscuits, but not so as much as something more as a complete item such as your pie and so on.


    1. It's the lovely tang of buttermilk that I'm just not getting.

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        Hummm... Perhaps adding in some vinegar will add that kick. Just make sure it is added and stirred directly into the buttermilk to be dispersed. You see if undiluted vinegar comes in contact the baking powder/soda, you get the fizzle, and likely no rise.

        BTW If you are familiar with the buttermilk substitute of milk and vinegar you will see where this is going.


      2. Would adding some dried buttermilk powder along with the buttermilk boost that buttermilk flavor?

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          Some commercially prepared "Buttermilk for biscuits" blends contain buttermilk powder for that reason. So does some commercial prepared white gravys.

          I see no harm in it as long as not to over do it.