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Jan 22, 2007 09:46 PM

Coffee Shop in Manhattan Beach, Gardena, or Torrance

Some coworkers and I have some time to pass tomorrow, late morning, and would like to find a coffee shop to grab some beverages and linger for a bit. I know there are plenty of Starbucks and CB and TLs around, but I was hoping for a non-chain place ....any suggestions? Chowhound searching turned up some good eats but not many coffee shop/cafe suggestions. Thanks!

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  1. That is a very wide area just for a coffee shop :).

    Well, in RB there are a few
    1) catalina coffee company on catalina ave (around torrance blvd)
    2) Riviera Cafe (on the corner of catalina and Ave. I one block from the beach)
    3) Coffee Cartel (Catalina ave. and Elena Ave, just southwest of Palos Verdes blvd.)

    All of these places are fairly busy on weekends and fairly cool and unique and fun, but NO cafe in the beach cities in winter at lunch on a weekday is going to busy unless its starbucks...pathetically enough).

    There is also a cafe in Hermosa Beach on Pier Ave @ Manhattan Ave (called Java house I think). This place is a cool space, but, the food isnt spectacular.

    Although its a chain, peets has good coffee and is on in interesting corner of PCH in South Redondo. There is one on PCH at Ave. G

    Although not a coffee shop, the bakery/cafe in the manhattan beach metlox center is a cool place to chill and talk. It is on the northern end of the Metlox center. The metlox center is the plaza across from Vons with the new hotel in it. It is on manhattan beach blvd between Valley/Armore on the north, and Morningside dr on the south.

    Although not a cafe, there are also several brunch spots on the north end of manhattan beach that are all pretty cool for coffee and a muffin. North End Cafe located at Highland Ave at 35th st. (about 4 blocks south of Rosecrans on Highland) has good coffee breakfast and lunch, but if you just want a coffee and snack, its a cool place. There are also 2 other brunchy places across the street (one of which supposedly serves urth cafe coffee).

    All of these places are independent with interesting coffee and atmosphere. Although they will probably be empty, they are nice places to go.

    Have fun.

    1. Ha ha, you are right, it is a wide area .... we are going from Lawndale to Wilmington, so I just picked a few nearby places in hopes of getting some good responses! Thanks for your suggestions -- really helpful!

      1. I forgot to add some places in torrance and gardena

        Although not hip at all, funky, hole-in-the-wall ish asian cafe's with good pastries are

        Cafe TLJ (2814 Sepulveda Blvd)
        Bonjour, which is adjacent to Sen Nari in a plaze on Western near 182nd st in Gardena. I never go for coffee, only desserts and other random things, so hopefully they have coffee !!! I am sure they do.

        1. Blue Butterfly in El Segundo has good coffee and a small menu with great homemade food. Nice non-chain for lingering.
          351 Main St
          El Segundo CA 90245-3814
          Phone: 310-640-7687
          Tanner's in Playa Del Rey has free wi-fi(!), I have never eaten anything there.
          200 Culver Blvd
          Playa Del Rey, CA 90293
          (310) 574-2739 (Phone)
          North End in Manhattan Beach (already posted)
          I consider this more of a restaurant, pretty big menu, but good food and coffee. FYI, parking can be rough in MB if you have many people driving cars.

          1. The Kettle in downtown MB is your typical non-chain coffee shop. The bakery in Metlox Plaza in downtown MB is Le Pain Quotidien. Great place to hang out and talk but uncomfortable chairs with both breakfast and lunch served.