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Jan 22, 2007 09:45 PM

Pasta Insert for stockpot

Can I use it to steam veggies as well?


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  1. It is a catch 22 question.

    Yes, if there is sufficent of elevation above the water, with a sufficent quanity of water. Use a 3rd basket or false bottom in the insert.

    No, if the steamed food item cannot be raised above the water or insufficient water level to create sufficient steam. Don't try it with the insert only if it hangs too deep.


    1. I've used mine to steam dumplings (I didn't have a bamboo steamer), and it worked fine. Just be sure the water doesn't touch or bubble through the bottom!

      1. I used to use a colander or strainer hooked over the pot to steam veggies. Still do sometimes, actually. If it's a lot of veggies, I use a bamboo steamer.

        1. Personally, l prefer separate steaming/pasta inserts. Steaming is best with a fair amount of clearance to give you options to add a fair quantity of water. Pasta is best with low clearance, so that you can get a fair 'height' to get evenly cooked long noodles. I had a Lagostina that had an in-between height and I found it to be a little low for steaming and a little high for pasta. I've replaced it with a Cuisinart with two separate inserts and I prefer the results.

          That said, as long as you can fit enough water under the pasta insert -- it'll work just fine.