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Jan 22, 2007 08:58 PM

Charlie G's Steakhouse..

Anybody recommend?
What to order?

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  1. Where don't you pay top price for a really good to great steak? Unless you eat at home that is. Then again flying in steaks from Peter Lugers aint cheap. I still have nonetheless gotten to the point that steak is something I grill at home for my family and save the going out occasions for food that I wouldn't even have the guts to prepare at home (like the Cassoulet at Mistrals in Sherman Oaks - when it is on the menu). Can anybody really recommend a reasonably priced steak house? I guess the closest I would come is the Steak Joynt in NoHo but I really go there fore the blue cheese chopped salad (yum!).

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      Hugh, the filet at Max is terrific, and at $30, not a handout by any stretch, is better than any steak at Mistral. And I frequent both, yet will never order a steak at Mistral.
      Taylor's offers a decent value steak.

    2. I do like this place because it's not a big chain steak house. I don't have a food recommendation except try to sit in the room where the piano bar is. It's got a good feel to it, more relaxed than the other room, which just feels like a boring dining room (that would be the one on your right as you enter).

      1. We used to be regular's at Charlie G's, until the last time we went it seems they raised their prices and if we're going to pay that much (I don't remember exactly how much, I think the bone in Rib Eye was $38.00) we'll go to Flemming's which is just as good and a lot closer to us.

        The food is good, they're famous for their crab cakes (which we've never had) and have a terrific Blu Cheese Wedge.

        I agree with Muhlyssa we like the lounge room much better. The dining room is quite boring. Opt for one of the booths on the same side as the musician about the middle of the room. Too close to the musician and you're next to the bar, too close to the entrance you can't hear the music.

        Please report back if you go. You'll have a good meal, but be prepared to pay top dollar.

        1. The Filet is very VERY good , with a price in line with the other good steak houses in town, also try the shrimp bisque and the creme brulee' to top it off