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Jan 22, 2007 08:55 PM

Meatball Question

I'm going to make these meatballs tomorrow night and was wondering how they would turn out if I baked them instead.

Has anyone made these?

I ask because the last two meatball recipes I have made called for baking (a curried lamb meatball and a veal meatball) and they turned out extremely juicy and deliscious. I would like that again.

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  1. My mouth watered reading the combination of ingredients. Sounds fabulous. See no reason why you couldn't bake it as small patties or meatloaves either.
    I like to use fresh breadcrumb rather than dry ones as I find it produces a lighter, more tender result.

    1. Curried lamb meatball? That sounds great! Would you please share the recipe? ty

      1. My standard recipe for meatballs with beef calls for baking them on a broiler pan at 400 for 15 minutes. They come out prefect every time.

        1. The combination sounds wonderful. As for baking meatballs, I find it works much better. I think you will find most chefs/cooks will bake them off. Another good combination of meats for your meatballs is using equal parts of lamb, pork, and beef. I think the rest of the ingrediants is pruely up to your preferance on taste......OBX

          1. Alton Brown has a baked meatball recipe where he recommends baking in mini muffin tins, and they come out quite moist and yummy after basically frying in their fats in the oven! I think this would work especially well with a turkey meatball recipe like Orangette's since turkey tends to have less fat and may more easily dry out.