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Jan 22, 2007 08:54 PM

Review - Ironworks BBQ

My "Chow-Tour" of Austin continues, now unabated by the cold and ice! I feel the need to try as many BBQ places as I can, and all of the Austin "institutions" (understanding they may not have great chow, I feel like I must try them first-hand in order to achieve true "Chow" status!).

I went to Ironworks for lunch today, upon recommendations from a client and colleagues. Call me a sucker, but I really like a BBQ joint that reeks of smoke. Maybe that's why Salt Lick 360 doesn't work - too clean! Anyway, I ordered the Sampler Plate which included sliced brisket, sausage and a beef rib, along with potato salad, beans, pickles, onions and a slice of white bread. First off, I don't generally like beef ribs that much. Turns out, that's just because I've never had a good one. This was a FABULOUS beef rib - tender enough that I didn't feel like a cave man eating it, but still retained enough structure to remind me I was eating beef. The flavor was great; a nice developed crust, with smoky spicy flavor, lean enough to make my doctor (relatively) happy, but enough fat had basted the meat to keep it flavorful. I would return to Ironworks for these beef ribs!

The brisket was solid, but unremarkable. A bit dry for my taste, and the crust lacked the depth of flavor noted on the rib. The sauce (which was rather boring) helped dress up the brisket somewhat, but I've had better brisket elsewhere. The sausage was good, and had a nice spiciness (not so much that I needed a fire extinguisher, but enough to make note of it). Sides were fine (who cares - I'm here for meat).

The ambiance is good for BBQ joint or for tourists, though this is the real deal (unlike Stubbs). I would recommend this to folks staying downtown (though I have yet to try some of the other recommended spots like Sam's). Hope this is helpful!

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  1. i really love ironworks' bbq and always have. it is my first choice for bbq when downtown/central. i prefer it over stubb's for sure. and yes, best beef ribs! glad someone else agrees!

    1. I always walk over there when I'm at the CC or nearby. I love the sausage and the beef ribs are good. The brisket can be spotty, I have asked to look at it before ordering before. Picky, picky. :-)

      1. Their pork loin is outstanding.

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        1. The beef ribs slathered with their spicy bbq sauce is my favorite when compared to the beef ribs at Artz Rib House and Salt Lick. Right now I can't remember the beef ribs at any other BBQ joint in town. I'm sure there's a couple of places that I haven't tried them yet.

          As to the other stuff, I prefer the other places in general though sausage is sausage. Then again it's pretty hard to screw up sausage, you just need to buy good sausage.

          1. Almost 2 years since this original post... it still holds true.
            I just tried Ironworks for lunch last week and had the beef ribs... yum! And for $8.95, the 3 beef ribs reminded me of the beginning scene from the Flinstones - they were huge. The only disappointment was that when I packed up my remaining ribs, they were not willing to provided a little plastic container for the sauce... it was available for sale.

            Out of principle, I didn't buy the sauce... and they were still good later that evening.