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Jan 22, 2007 08:48 PM

sommelier on a budget in Beaune

I am going to be in Beaune in March touring wine country, and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on restaurants I should check out...I am on somewhat of a budget though.

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  1. I highly recommend Ma Cuisine in the vieille ville. They have a 3 course menu which is very affordable. I can't recall the exact price off-hand, but it is somewhere around 30E I think. The wine list is incredible with many gems.

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      sound like what I'm looking for! Thank you!

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        Please be aware that the chef at Ma Cuisine, Fabienne Escoffier, will be at La Paulée de New York the first weekend of March.

      2. Here's a few places we always go back to:

        Corpeau - Le Vieux Vigneron :
        Remigny - L'Escale :
        Santenay - Le Terroir :
        Rully - Le Vendangerot :
        Volnay - Le Cellier Volnaysien

        They require a car or a bike, which you can rent from Florent at 03.80.22 0603:

        And make sure you have lunch at Olivier Leflaive in Puligny Montrachet, 38 euros with 7 wines. Its a trip with Pascal doing his song and dance.

        Also, stop by Alex Gambal's place in Beaune:
        He is an American who created a négociant business in Burgundy in 1997. He is located close to the Beaune Post Office. Alex brings a sommelier or chef over doing vendage to help cook or pick every September. He can tell you about the best restaurant finds in the Beaune area.


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          wow! Thank you soo much!! I'm definatly going to check out Alex Gambal's place!! I am going to be there @ the end of it going to be weather worthy of riding a bike??

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            The weather will most likely be cool, but if its not raining, riding a bike won't be a problem. The neat thing about the bike trail is it uses the vineyard lanes. And the route goes through all the villages. So you go right by the restaurants. We have found the proprietors do not mind having guests in spandex. All the restaurants I mentioned are south of Beaune along a flat bike trail. Florent (at the bike store) outlined a new ride each day and listed 3 excellent places to stop for lunch for that ride, as well as caves (including a wonderful place for cassis).