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Jan 22, 2007 08:48 PM

Italian Food

I'm in New York for a couple of weeks, and would love some suggestions on where to go for Italian food, both upscale and casual. I'm from L.A., and always here you can't get good Italian food except for in NY - so tell me where to go!

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  1. Babbo is a good upscale option, but you need a reservation at least a month in advance.However, I have heard that you can walk in and sit at the bar sometimes.

    I have no suggestions for casual least not in the city.

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      I heard about that - great, thanks! Would you reccommend Babbo over Lupa, his other restaurant?

    2. Babbo is in a class of its own. Lupa is much more traditional Italian food, while Babbo is is a bit more eclectic. If you really want something out of the ordinary, go to Babbo! Especially if you have never been! If you want a decent casual italian restaurant, try Mario's pizzeria, Otto. They literally serve pizza, pasta, and salad. Oh, and of course dessert. You can get in without a reservation, but while you are waiting, enjoy the enoteca up front! You can get italian "tapas" and drinks! Just fabulous!

      1. For casual italian, try Miss Williamsburg Manhattan or Brooklyn (great young italian chef), Il Bagato (east village), Bar Pitti (west village), and please eat some pizza while here in ny. many of the best NY style italian spots are not in manhattan and not always restaurants. the latticini joints (leone's, etc.), the delis (Catene, Difontes), steam tables (vinny's restuarant brooklyn, catene), and pizza joints. top of my list is always Difara (pizza on ave j and east 15th in midwood brooklyn)- AMAZING pizza- search the boards- tons of talk about it and how old school it is- his dishes are great too- stellar veal parm - and in brooklyn another BIG favorite of mine is the Catene Deli (4th ave and 9th st)- best chicken parm around, INCREDIBLE spicy eggplant parm, spicey calamari parm, spicey shrimp parm, roast beef w/ mozz, gravy, onions, salt and pepper, great peppers and eggs, stuffed peppers, sausage, ah i love the catene deli. no place to sit, not really a restaurant, but SPECTACULAR. and yes, on the upscale side, you cannot beat Babbo- it is superb. eat a pasta at the bar there to beat the reservation hassle. but don't miss the simple italian pleasures of ny- a slice from just about anywhere, a pastry and an espresso at Veniero's in the east village, a chicken parm... enjoy fb

        1. San Domiceo (Mid town) , Bar Pitti (Village), Taromina ( Little Italy) , Bice (Midtown). Po's and Babbo , Felidia's

          1. If you can get to the Bronx, go to Roberto's in the Arthur Avenue/Belmont section (best during the week; on weekends the wait can be long - they don't take reservations). For a fuller experience, you might save coffee and dessert for one of the pastry shop/cafes in the immediate area (Morrone's, De Lillo's, or Egidio's are my current favorites - in that order).