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Jan 22, 2007 08:39 PM

Pad Thai in Scarborough

I love pad thai and I use to have a little place at Kennedy and Progress that made a really good pad thai, unfortunately they closed down. Anybody have any good recommendations for a good pad thai place in Scarborough or east Toronto. Also please don't recommmend any chinese restaurants that make pad thai as I've tried alot of them and they always turn out terrible.

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  1. Krispy Roll, on Warden at Eglinton, has excellent Phad Thai, and it's cheap.

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    1. re: Kasumeat

      I found the Krispy Roll Vietnamese Restaurant version to be greasy, bland, and highly avoidable. Ask for it hot and they dump on chili peppers. That treatment is more truck stop than fine resto. Disappointing considering their other dishes can be so pleasing.

      I'll give 7Star credit for having the nerve to take on the 'Hounds so soon after opening. That alone is reason to accept the challenge. I believe that's in the building where Embers once was. See you Hounds at lunch.

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        Sorry about bringing back an old topic.. long-time lurker but first-time poster. If you want pad thai in Scarborough, it's 7Star. The food is great and the prices are definitely not bad - I paid ~$6 for chicken pad thai at lunch. The only thing is that barely anyone dines there! Hopefully the restaurant doesn't close down anytime soon because it would really be a shame for it to wither away.

    2. There is a little restaurant called Gails River at Danfourth and Dawes on the South East corner. Gail makes the best phad thai...I have it at least once a week. She makes it fresh on the spot, while you wait. You can eat it or take out. I suggest take out. Tour boi

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        Are you serious? Can you tell anything more about Gails? Is it a Thai restaurant? What else do they make?

      2. I am not sure if this one is out of your way.... there's this little Thai restaurant on Hwy. 48 (Main St.) South of 16th Avenue. Vevery authentic I find, I miss their coconut chicken soup!

        I am not sure the name of the restaurant, I think it's called the Little Bankok, right in the mall beside the LCBO by the train track.

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          1. Green Bamboo on Sheppard, just east of Midland. Excellent dishes particularly the Satay Pad Thai. Very fresh ingredients, generous in flavour and size. Reasonable prices and a modern, clean decor that you don't often find in strip mall settings. The menu has Thai, Vietnamese and Chinese dishes. I work in the area and often go for lunch.

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            1. re: Julie McCoy

              Just ate there for lunch the other day. The cashew nut chicken was okay, the green pepper and pork was pretty good, but the regular pad thai was so off the mark that I was disgusted. Way too much sauce, too much ketchup, and the noodles were soggy. Will not eat there again, even if it is one of the very few "Thai" restaurants in Scarborough.

              1. re: Julie McCoy

                we were frequent patrons of Green Bamboo.
                Don't know about the Pad Thai, as it is not a dish we order.
                Last fall, we had two less than stellar meals in a row, and simply stopped going there.
                Has the food improved again?
                Is it still owned by the same family?

                1. re: erly

                  It is still owned by the same family, and I would agree that on the odd occasion I've had an off experience - not terrible, just not up to usual standard. Was there last week and again enjoyed the Satay Pad Thai (and the grilled meat wraps which is another discussion). The regular pad thai was never to my taste - not bad, just far prefer the satay. All my companions were very pleased as well in the last visit, so maybe you might give them another chance?