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Jan 22, 2007 08:34 PM

Baltimore - Chinese New Year banquet (Chinatown Cafe?)

Is anyone aware of any Chinese New Year banquets happening in Baltimore?

I think Ellen and Crowsonguy and a few others were involved in connecting us with a banquet at Chinatown Cafe a few weeks after CNY two years ago. Do we know if this is occurring again this year?

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    1. re: ko1

      don't know who organized it. You could call the owners. I'm interested too.

    2. Here's one of the update threads I believe:

      Do a search on Chinatown Cafe and you should get the whole shebang.

      1. It was Britboy and BaltoEllen who did the heavy lifting on the banquet last time.

        I'm definitely interested.

        Calling BritBoy....Calling BaltoEllen...

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        1. re: galleycat

          Calling Galleycat: maybe it's your turn now.

        2. Hi crowsonguy, long time no see :) The Chinatown cafe event was a blast as much party as meal - Chinese Karaoke, raffles, shared food and wine. The event was organised by the Chiatown association not just Chinatown Cafe so I had to front all of the money. A little risky getting replacements for late drop outs but it all worked out. This year Chinese New Year starts Feb 18th Year of the Pig - Ding hai. We are definitely up for it if someone can give Chinatown cafe a call and get it rolling - I'm swamped

          1. I missed it last time. Count me in for 2.