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Jan 22, 2007 08:33 PM

Rockville Brazilian BBQ

I'm going to Greenfield Churrascaria for lunch this Saturday afternoon with a few other people. What should I expect? What do I have to get? What should I avoid?
I think this is the place that Elliot on Dc101 is always trashing, but the plans have already been made.



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  1. Biggest mistake people make at Greenfields is eating too much of the salad bar, and not leaving enough room for the meats -- come as a carnivore, and you will enjoy.

    1. I had a bad experience there for lunch last time. We found the meat to be pretty bad, and the salad bar was not that great.

      It used to be alot better. Sorry. Hope your experience is different that ours.


      1. First off, I would never listen to any suggestions from Eliot in the Morning. I can't believe he isn't off the air. I haven't been to Green Field in a couple of years, but it was the area's best churascarria for a while. I never had a bad experience there, and the salad bar offered a lot of good options. I would recommend not eating too much of the black beans (feijoada), since those will fill you up too quickly. I made that mistake at Malibu Grill last month. I remember eating chicken or rabbit hearts at Green Field, and those were nondescript. I'd eat one heart for the experience. I'd be interested to hear from others how Green Field compares to the other churascarrias in the DC area.

        1. Thank goodness buffetking finally said it...who cares what Eliot thinks? Why would anyone listen to those tiresome morning DJ's, laughing at their own humor that might be funny to an unsophisticated 12 yr old?
          Good tips about concentrating on the protein, that's what you're paying for.

          1. Meats are really bad. Fatty and tasteless - pretty hard to be both - but they are. Salad bar is your best bet -although not great.