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Recipes with Hummus

anyone have good recipes that use hummus, besides for some variation of a dip.

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  1. I made burgers the other day with lean beef and a good amount spicy hummus mixed in. Maybe a 1/4 or 1/3 C over about 10 ounces of beef. Very tasty and it kept the lean meat moist, added some fiber, and carmelized nicely.

    1. I've made a hot, baked chickpea puree with butter and pine nuts ("Sicak Humus"), from "Classic Turkish Cooking" by Ghillie Basan. It was quite interesting - a sort of warm hummus - and I served it with Turkish pide bread.

      Let me know if you're interested, and I'll provide the recipe.

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      1. I've used it as a binder/dressing for salads (ie, carrot salad, egg salad, etc.).

        I did this once as an experiment, and it worked out pretty well: I rolled out leftover pizza dough (a single serving) very thin, spread the hummus on, then rolled it back up and baked it. It could have used some extra seasoning, but the result was pretty cool for lunch the next day.

        One thing I've always wanted to try is bulking up hummus with either smashed chickpeas or flour, then making it into croquettes or pancakes. But I always eat through my hummus before I get to that.

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          Piccola, I had the same idea a couple of summers ago and the resulting chickpea croquettes were delicious -- basically made a rough (rather than smoothly pureed) hummus (added minced parsley to it), rolled it into balls, tossed the balls with chickpea flour and then fried them (squashing them a bit flat while frying). Served on brown rice with yoghurt drizzled over the whole lot and a bit of mint chutney and was delighted!

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            Good to know it can be done! If I ever have hummus leftovers, I'll try it...

        2. My favorite middle-eastern food is called "masabakha" (or "moshawrasha" in some places) and it's basically a bowl of steaming hot smooth hummus tossed and cooked with whole hummus (chickpeas), tekhina, parsley and loads of olive oil. Sounds simple, but it's absolutely fantastic. The fresher the hummus, the better; when it's absolutely fresh, the dish doesn't even need salt.

          1. There's a wonderful recipe for hot buttered hummus in Ana Sortun's book Spice. She replaces part of the olive oil with melted butter and adds cumin. Then the hummus is layered in a baking dish with basturma and chopped olives and baked until warm. You can serve it as a dip or as a first course with pita bread to pick it up. It raises hummus to a new level. In the book she also gives directions to make a rolled version which is how they serve it at her restaurant, Oleana. You roll the basturma around the hummus and bake it.

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              That sounds amazing. The hot buttered hummus itself sounds like Claudia Roden's recipe. The addition of basturma (a Turkish cured, spiced meat that is said to be the original pastrami) would make this into a wonderful main dish.

            2. Wow, some of these are great dishes.

              I like to use hummus as a base for my chicken and pine nuts. Just top the hummus with shredded chicken (grilled or a rotisserie bird), be sure to add all the meat juice too, and then top with pine nuts. Delish!

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                Actually had luck with chickpeas, basil, garlic, and a little broth to thin it out, over tortellini and sprinkled with toasted pine nuts for a healthy quasi-pesto. It was pretty good actually, and healthier than regular pesto, although I only made it because I had the ingredients on hand. If you were using straight hummus, it might be nice on soba noodles or whole wheat spaghetti, with some veg on the side.

              2. There's a recipe for Hummus Bread in the wonderful King Arthur Flour Whole Grain Baking cookbook. Basically, you dump a cup of prepared hummus into a bunch of flour (a mixture of regular and white-whole-wheat) and a few other ingredients. I haven't made it yet - it's next on my list to try with some garlic hummus.

                There's an online version of the recipe that is rather different from the one in the book (it adds "yeast improver", omits the orange juice, uses garlic oil instead of olive oil, and has different amounts of several ingredients). But here it is:



                1. Hummus is a nice change from mayo or mustard in wraps or spread on top of sliced tomatoes and broiled.

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                    My husband likes to spread hummos on 1/2 a bagel, top with a slice of cheese, and then either nuke or broil. Weird but good.

                    I like hummos instead of tehina in a pita with falafal, chopped onions, tomatoes, and parsley and/or cilantro.

                    Those soups sound great. I will have to look at my Clauda Rhoden book this weekend. p.j.

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                      p.j. sounds great! what type of sliced cheese do you use with the hummus?

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                        DH is not a "fussy" guy, so he uses whatever is in the fridge. He tends to use Trader Joe's fresh mozzarella. Personally, I like Cabot's 18mo. cheddar--more flavor. Oh, and use a savory bagel- our local bakery makes an onion bagel that has lots of poppy seeds. have fun. p.j.

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                          p.j.-thanks for the suggestions!

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                        I like it on sandwiches too. Mozzarella, hummos, and avocado. Sometimes I used smoked gouda. It's not for the calorie conscious.

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                          My favourite sandwich is hummus, sunflower sprouts and roasted or marinated beets on toasted walnut or seed bread.

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                            oh piccola that sounds fantastic. what type of bread would you use with that variation?

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                        I love using Hummus in sandwiches too. It's especially good with grilled chicken breast topped with lettuce and tomato on pita bread. I also like to sprinkle a little feta in there too.

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                          QueenB, so good! I stopped using mayo soon after I was intro'd to hummus.

                      4. Anne:

                        Thank you for that recipe, I'll try it on the weekend!

                        1. I have been making hummus for years and my kids love it as a snack after school with wheat thins. My problem was that I didn't like the grainy texture from the chickpea skins when I made it in the food processor. I finally figured out that if I make it in the blender it is beautifully smooth! Just thin it with some of the cooking liquid from the chickpeas. Also, if you are out of lemon juice, a little vinegar works fine.

                          1. My two favorites:

                            1) hummous & cheese quesadillas -- the hummous adds a brightness and tang to the saltiness and texture of the cheese. Delicious.

                            2) hummous as a base "sauce" for homemade pizza (we use garlic herb pizza dough from Trader Joes). We're pretty pizza-adventurous in my house, so if you're a pizza purist, this probably won't be very appealing. But recent hummous pizzas have been topped with roasted veg, turkey meatballs, toasted nuts, artichokes... the list of possibilities is sort of endless.

                            1. i use hummus to make a healthy and creamy salad dressing - just mix it with rice wine vinegar and a little salt and pepper until you get your desired consistency.

                              you can vary the flavor of the dressing by the flavor of hummus (pesto, olive etc).