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Jan 22, 2007 08:31 PM

Recipes with Hummus

anyone have good recipes that use hummus, besides for some variation of a dip.

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  1. I made burgers the other day with lean beef and a good amount spicy hummus mixed in. Maybe a 1/4 or 1/3 C over about 10 ounces of beef. Very tasty and it kept the lean meat moist, added some fiber, and carmelized nicely.

    1. I've made a hot, baked chickpea puree with butter and pine nuts ("Sicak Humus"), from "Classic Turkish Cooking" by Ghillie Basan. It was quite interesting - a sort of warm hummus - and I served it with Turkish pide bread.

      Let me know if you're interested, and I'll provide the recipe.

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      1. I've used it as a binder/dressing for salads (ie, carrot salad, egg salad, etc.).

        I did this once as an experiment, and it worked out pretty well: I rolled out leftover pizza dough (a single serving) very thin, spread the hummus on, then rolled it back up and baked it. It could have used some extra seasoning, but the result was pretty cool for lunch the next day.

        One thing I've always wanted to try is bulking up hummus with either smashed chickpeas or flour, then making it into croquettes or pancakes. But I always eat through my hummus before I get to that.

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          Piccola, I had the same idea a couple of summers ago and the resulting chickpea croquettes were delicious -- basically made a rough (rather than smoothly pureed) hummus (added minced parsley to it), rolled it into balls, tossed the balls with chickpea flour and then fried them (squashing them a bit flat while frying). Served on brown rice with yoghurt drizzled over the whole lot and a bit of mint chutney and was delighted!

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            Good to know it can be done! If I ever have hummus leftovers, I'll try it...

        2. My favorite middle-eastern food is called "masabakha" (or "moshawrasha" in some places) and it's basically a bowl of steaming hot smooth hummus tossed and cooked with whole hummus (chickpeas), tekhina, parsley and loads of olive oil. Sounds simple, but it's absolutely fantastic. The fresher the hummus, the better; when it's absolutely fresh, the dish doesn't even need salt.

          1. There's a wonderful recipe for hot buttered hummus in Ana Sortun's book Spice. She replaces part of the olive oil with melted butter and adds cumin. Then the hummus is layered in a baking dish with basturma and chopped olives and baked until warm. You can serve it as a dip or as a first course with pita bread to pick it up. It raises hummus to a new level. In the book she also gives directions to make a rolled version which is how they serve it at her restaurant, Oleana. You roll the basturma around the hummus and bake it.

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              That sounds amazing. The hot buttered hummus itself sounds like Claudia Roden's recipe. The addition of basturma (a Turkish cured, spiced meat that is said to be the original pastrami) would make this into a wonderful main dish.