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Is it better to freeze the cookies or the dough?

My week of baking has begun! Question for all you expert bakers out there: is it better to make cookie dough and freeze it, then bake the day of? Or is it better to bake the cookies, freeze them, then thaw the day of?

In this case, I am specifically referring to chocolate chip cookies.


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  1. Definitely freeze the dough. I do the same thing as leanneable - then you can put the frozen dough balls straight onto the cookie sheet and bake at 325 for about 15 minutes. You can bake them fresh every time that way - and fresh cookies are much better than frozen ones!

    1. I prefer to freeze the dough. That way, you can have warm cookies when you want. Mmm... But, it does come down to timeliness. If you need a lot of cookies on a specific day, it would be a pain to bake them all in one day.

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        Do you bake from frozen or let the dough thaw?

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          I bake them frozen. It takes a little longer. I usually make the dough balls, put them on the baking mat and freeze them. Then, I take it out and put them in a zip loc bag. Easy. I can bake cookies any time I want. I normally only bake half a batch of cookies at a time and freeze the rest.

      2. You can do it either way, depending on whether you think you'll have time to take cookie dough out of the freezer, thaw it, and bake it, or whether you prefer instant gratification... I'm the instant gratification type myself so I've been known to take frozen cookies out and nibble them around the edges as they thaw. (they don't suffer for the freezing...)

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          I love frozen cookies, brownies too.

        2. I guess we'd need clarification on what you consider "better". Better for timing, better for taste, better for ???

          I prefer freezing cookie dough (spooned out onto a cookie sheet and then into a freezer baggie) and baking the frozen dough later (I don't thaw them) because I like the warm cookie factor. If you want to be able to eat a cookie right when the craving hits, bake the cookies and then freeze them. I have noticed, though, that my baked cookies tend to get freezer-flavors faster than just the dough.

          Perhaps for longer-term storage, frozen cookie dough would be better for you? If you think you'll go through the cookies within a couple of weeks, freezing the cookies would work. Although, for just a couple of weeks you could just put them in the fridge.

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            I'll be baking them this Saturday for a dessert party. I've got 20 desserts to make, so I'm trying to do as much as possible in advance without sacrificing quality. I think I'll make the cookie dough, scoop the balls, then freeze them. It'll be no problem to pop them in the oven the day of the party.

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              If you're not concerned about having warm-out-of-the-oven cookies, you could also bake them the night before (if you have time) and then store them in a good container. They shouldn't lose quality overnight.

              On a separate note, 20 desserts! I thought I was ambitious with 5 I made for a dinner party!

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                Saturday? As in 4 days from now Saturday? I think you're confusing cookies with more perishable desserts like custard or pie.

                Chocolate chip cookies last for a very long time when stored in cookie tins at room temp. They're not immortal, but their lifespan is a LOT longer than 4 days. After 2 weeks you might begin to see an almost imperceptable drop in quality, but not 4. In fact, 4 days will see a considerable improvement, as cookies taste better after being stored a day or two.

                Make the cookies anytime between now and Saturday (the sooner the better), store them in an airtight container and they'll be gorgeous. Trust me.

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                  The issue I have is that this recipe (the one in the thread about "the best chocolate chip cookies") makes cookies with a wonderful texture -- crisp and chewy at the same time. That texture starts to disappear after the 2nd day. So I want to make sure that I keep that for our guests. The balls of dough are sitting in my freezer as I type. :)

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                    I guess it depends on the type of cookie. I like my choc chip cookies to be chewy with crisp buttery edges and while they're still good after a week, they start to get more crisp and less chewy, even after a couple of days.

                    Nothing beats a freshly baked cookie, but next best is one that's only a day old. The OP mentioned a dessert party - when cooking for company, I would certainly not bake cookies any farther than a day before.

              2. My feeling is to freeze the dough, because as good as the cookies are cool, they're even better warm. Avoid the freezer flavor problem by spooning the dough onto one end of a parchment sheet. Fold the sheet over the dough, and using a ruler to keep the edge straight, tighten and press into a 1-inch roll. Wrap ends tightly (taping is good too)and freeze. No need to defrost--just cut 1-inch sections of your frozen roll and place on pan. Bake as directed.

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                1. I prefer to freeze the dough too- I like the fresh-baked flavor, and I can take one or two cookies out and bake them for a little snack, or I can take a whole dozen out, bake them and take them to work- whatever I feel like. Even with chocolate chip cookie dough, I chill it in the fridge for a couple of hours, form into balls, put the balls on a cookie sheet in the freezer, freeze until firm, and then transfer to a ziploc baggie. I haven't had any problems with a funky freezer taste even after a month or two. I just bake them from frozen and usually add a couple of minutes onto the baking time, but it usually doesn't take much.

                  1. I like to freeze the dough because it takes up a lot less space in the freezer than baked cookies. When I read about freezing the preformed dough on cookie sheets I think "how do you get that much room in your freezer?"

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                      All you need is a long thin wide space. Mine fits above the ice cream and packages. And, it only takes one cookie sheet. The dough can touch, just not too close.

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                        Yep, sometimes it takes some finagling, but it's usually doable... I just tell my husband to open the freezer *very* carefully!

                        1. re: Katie Nell

                          They freeze pretty quickly, too. I don't think I've left them on the cookie tray for over half an hour before putting them in ziplock bags. LOL, I can imagine having a tray of cookie dough fall on your head, though!

                      2. re: Rhee

                        Once the dough scoops have frozen on the sheet, you can take them off and put them in a bag for storing.

                      3. Hmm, I just freeze the dough in a snake so I have my own slice-and-bake cookies whenever I want them:

                        Make dough
                        arrange in a tube/snake on plastic wrap
                        roll up plastic wrap and make sure there's no extra air in there

                        slice (somewhere on the skinny side of half an inch) and bake. Deeeeeelicious. And fits into the freezer with no prob at all.