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Jan 22, 2007 08:17 PM

Lower LOWER East Side

Does anyone have an interesting Sunday brunch recommendation for the Grand Street area FAR East side? Should I turn to Chinatown, or might someone be able to direct me to a cozy spot in the area?

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  1. Try Creperie or San Loco (add margaritas to your meal).

    Big John on Orchard street serves brunch.

    1. Oooooh! Paul's Boutique!!!!

      on the corner of Rivington and...something. close to the Hotel on Rivington and Economy Candy.

        1. Paul's Boutique may be closed ( Brown is very good. You might also consider Casini's on Ludlow at Broome ( I've had dinner there twice, and it's a very comfortable, bistro-type place, similar to French Roast or Flea Market.

          East of Essex on Grand, there's Zafi's, Castillo de Jagua, & Noah's Ark. East Side Cafe is on East Broadway. I wouldn't call any of them interesting, though.

          1. I believe Good World on Orchard and Division has brunch.