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Jan 22, 2007 08:14 PM

Ok, settled on Sona's tasting menu for my special dinner this year...but how much $$$?

I mean, I am saving up for it.. the 9 course is around $125 per person? Anyone done this for two recently without wine and can tell me around how much I'm looking at?

I need to sort of figure out how long this will realistically take me to save up for..I have about $125 saved up already.

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  1. i agree on the six course vs. nine. i've done six course twice, havne't done 9. always been full, even when we didnt' do cheese. tho i'm not a football player or anything. wine pairings are a must. best part is if they are doing dual tasting menus, so you each get different food with most courses, so you can really try more like 10 different things!

    1. I did the 6 course with matched wine pairing this summer. The 6 course meal was $99, the wine pairing was $99, with the cheese plate, dinner for two was around $470 with tax/tip when all was said and done.

      If you're doing two people, plan on $250, plus $15-20 for the cheese plate, then tax & tip.

      Don't know what the 9 course meal is like, but at the end of the six course meal, I was so stuffed I could hardly move. I couldn't imagine getting the 9 course meal... 6 courses and the cheese plate (definitely get the cheese plate) were more food than I could handle. When a basket of fresh baked madelines were delivered to our table post-meal, I almost barfed from being over-ful.

      It almost goes without saying that this was in my top 5 meals ever. The wine pairing is almost critical to the meal, though... Each dish was astounding, but the interplay between the food and the wine was almost mystical, it was so good.

      If I had to recommend anything, I'd say to stick to the 6 course, and save up the extra for the wine. I'm already putting money away for my next trip there.

      1. this is what i've done at sona in the past.

        sat at the bar (so as not to put out any waiters)
        and SHARED a single 9 course tasting. (it was plenty for the two of us although my girl is not a big eater)
        we also asked the bartender to just break up a few glasses of wine into small pours for each course. 9 course wine pairing will get me wasted! if youre not into sharing then this might not work for you.

        drawback, you dont get the theatricality of the main room.
        posivites: great personal service from bartender (often with some hookups - this is true eating at the bar almost anywhere), more private and intimate.