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Jan 22, 2007 08:07 PM

PIZZA - the best in &/or around LB?

Thus far extreme pizza is decent but tell me where the best pizza in or around Long Beach is! Please@

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  1. I like Buono's in San Pedro and they have a branch in Long Beach on Ocean Ave. Their thin crust is always a hit at parties.

    1. go to slice of new york pizza in seal beach.

      1. Ecco's is pretty decent. One in Bixby Knolls (on Wardlow I think), and one on Bellflower near CSULB.

        1. We've had slice of NY in seal beach and its very good if you want a NY pie (thin and cheesy).
          The local Belmont Shore/Naples favorite for 50+ yr's is Doeminico's on 2nd street. It's unique,
          they grind all the meats for the toppings and the cheese is hidden somewhere under that.
          Its great and the local ask for there famous salad dressing to dribble on top!

          1. i really like valentino's, i know they have several locations. i go to the one at cherry and del amo. you can't eat at that location, not sure if you can eat at other ones, but i have eaten at buono's, ecco's, and doeminicos listed above, but i really like valentino's