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Long Beach- sushi - mexican - italian

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it's been a while since I've been here can anyone tell me the musts for Long Beach for Sushi, Mexican & Italian?

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  1. Enrique's for Mexican. Koi in nearby Seal Beach (PCH & 5th) for sushi.

    1. Enriques is the best Mexican food by far. One place for sushi that's decent is Japengo on 2nd street Belmont Shore. If I want really good sushi, I just give it up and go to Oomasa in Little Tokyo - LA. Back in Long Beach, I also agree about Cafe Gazelle for Italian.

      1. Neighborhood? Price range?

        I'm not a sushi fan, and as far as I know LB isn't known for its great sushi.

        Mexican? I'm a broken record on this, but Enrique's is our class act (PCH at Loynes).

        For high-end northern Italian, I still love Christy's (Broadway at Termino, Belmont Heights). For red sauce southern Italian, my fave is Ferraro's (Wardlow at Los Coyotes Diagonal, East Long Beach near Eldorado Park).

        1. I went to Sushi Saurus in Long Beach after reading some good recs, and it was pretty good. It was also pretty cheap for decent sushi. It's not the best sushi I have ever had, but definitely decent enough to go back often.

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            the sushi here is pretty decent, the entrees i think are horrible

          2. The tiny Cafe Gazelle is my favorite for Italian in Long Beach. It is in the Belmont Shore area.

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              I also agree on Enrique's for Mexican food... my husband and I moved out of the LB area and miss their food.

            2. aki's sushi in long beach on 7th between cherry and orange i believe is the best sushi in long beach. half of the restaurant is thai, the other half is sushi. the thai food is okay, nothing special but the sushi is fantastic. its always crowded on the sushi side.

              i think they opened another one, just sushi on the corner of redondo and 7th, haven't been there.

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                The Second Aki is not quite the same. I like the original better, even the the second one is closer to my house. I may have to go back and try again though.

              2. Coco Renos on Broadway at Redondo for Mexican,
                Sushi Studio on PCH near Clark for creative rolls and happy hour specials, Koi in Seal Beach - for more expensive but very good Nigiri.
                for Itallian, I've never been, but heard cucina Picarelli on PCH - accross the street from Sushi Studio is supposed to be very good.