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Jan 22, 2007 08:06 PM

Long Beach- sushi - mexican - italian

it's been a while since I've been here can anyone tell me the musts for Long Beach for Sushi, Mexican & Italian?

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  1. Enrique's for Mexican. Koi in nearby Seal Beach (PCH & 5th) for sushi.

    1. Enriques is the best Mexican food by far. One place for sushi that's decent is Japengo on 2nd street Belmont Shore. If I want really good sushi, I just give it up and go to Oomasa in Little Tokyo - LA. Back in Long Beach, I also agree about Cafe Gazelle for Italian.

      1. Neighborhood? Price range?

        I'm not a sushi fan, and as far as I know LB isn't known for its great sushi.

        Mexican? I'm a broken record on this, but Enrique's is our class act (PCH at Loynes).

        For high-end northern Italian, I still love Christy's (Broadway at Termino, Belmont Heights). For red sauce southern Italian, my fave is Ferraro's (Wardlow at Los Coyotes Diagonal, East Long Beach near Eldorado Park).

        1. I went to Sushi Saurus in Long Beach after reading some good recs, and it was pretty good. It was also pretty cheap for decent sushi. It's not the best sushi I have ever had, but definitely decent enough to go back often.

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            the sushi here is pretty decent, the entrees i think are horrible

          2. The tiny Cafe Gazelle is my favorite for Italian in Long Beach. It is in the Belmont Shore area.

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              I also agree on Enrique's for Mexican food... my husband and I moved out of the LB area and miss their food.