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Questions about Linda's thai food (the one above Salad King)

Would you recommend for a group of 6 ppl (3 couples) looking for an enjoyable evening out with good food, wine etc.?

Do they have any vegan/vegetarian options?

Do they take reservations?

Do you know of a website?

Thanks in advance.

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  1. Yes we were there on Saturday with one person who had both dairy and egg allergies and we had no problems (I know it's not the same - just showing that they're flexible). We were a party of 11 (with a reservation - and it was great by the way).


    (this was working on Saturday, but seems to be down temporarily today)

    1. I go there often for lunch, with work people. Service is hurried and efficient, somewhat impersonal. They will make dietary accomodations as necessary. Food is excellent in quality and taste.

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        Linda is actually only open for dinner. During lunch time, the dining space is used as part of the Salad King restaurant when the downstairs space fills up. I would not consider service as hurried myself as they take two seatings maximum during dinner.

      2. Linda has some lovely food. The curried duck is really different and the Thai appetizer that you roll up in leaves (sorry, can't remember the name) is great because it has all the flavours that make Thai food Thai--lime, dried shrimp, peanuts, fish sauce--all in one dish. There is also one dish, the fish hot pot, I think, that seems like the most dangerous thing you'll ever see at the dinner table--they do an elaborate presentation of ladling it into a paper cone that's held over an open flame. I don't know what the whole paper cone and open flame thing signifies, but it was an amazing, rich and intensely-flavoured dish...and you can take bets on when the whole thing will go up in flames, so it's also very entertaining.
        The only things that have disappointed me at Linda were the Pad Thai and the mango salad--both were bland and lacking those Thai flavours...so I added the left-over bits from the roll-up appetizer and they were much improved...

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          The appetizer that you're thinking of is Mieng Kham. Personally, I prefer to order dishes which are not available in the Salad King menu when dining at Linda. Dishes such as mieng kham, red curry duck, and the fish hot pot are some of their specialities.

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            does anyone know what kind of leaves are used at Linda in the mieng kham appetizer?

        2. In answer to the specific Qs:
          -There are several veggie options and they will substitute otherwise.
          -No website (Toronto.com has some info but that's it)
          -They do take reservations.

          1. Highly recommend it. We were there around 6 months ago, tried their tasting menu which is only $30 ! and there are like 4 to 5 courses. The main course that time is scallop and it is very tasty, appertizer and dessert are not that good, but the soup, Lobster bisque is great !

            Well, of course it cannot compare to some of the great restaurants in Toronto but for $30, it is a much better choice than many of the other winterlicious restaurants.

            But I am not sure if it is still $30 now for their tasting menu.

            1. Perhaps I'll try it again given the good review but when I went the one time I was looking forward to the curried duck (I'll eat anything with duck in it) and while the flavoring was suitably interesting the duck itself was tough and chewy - difficult to eat at best...

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                I went to Linda Fine Thai Food on Saturday night arround 7PM, 2007/03/31. Although I saw there was a lot of people waitting in the line, but I and my girl friend still want to give a try. When we went in, and the host(a girl, I don't know her name) looked at us and said, " Here is the menu, take a look and see if it (price?) is ok." I was shocked. Does she mean I can't afford a dinner at Linda? Then I said OK to her. After that she said she has to talk to waiters up stairs and see there is any seats available. But I saw her walk arround for like 20 seconds in the first floor, then she came to us and said, "Sorry, no seats tonight."

                I saw a lot of reviews on internet, all of them recommand your restaurant, that is why we want to have dinner at Linda. I also noticed that dress code is SMART CASUAL, so we weared jeans and running shoes, is there any problem with my clothes?

                Maybe the food is really good, and I will still go to Linda, but with that kind of attitude, NO Thanks!

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                  I think that one of the problems is that Salad King is such a spot for broke Ryerson students, and when it's rammed they see the stairs and want to know if there is space upstairs. I guarantee that most of the time when they show them the menu for Linda, no way those kids are going to go eat up there, they'd rather wait for their $6 phad thai at Salad King.

                  It's clumsy and awkward for sure, but I've always found the service upstairs to be really good. And I always wear jeans and sneakers, nobody cares. There are very very few restaurants in this city where you can't wear jeans.

              2. Has anyone ever had really bad service at Linda? I recommended a couple of foodies and friends there when they were in Toronto and they were super excited. However, they had to leave before ordering because the service was really rude. I was shocked and felt really bad about sending them there. I am curious what everyone's experience of their service has been?

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                  I've been there a few times, at lunch. The service is definitely hasty and not very warm. I assumed it was a litte better at dinner, but perhaps not.

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                    i went there for dinner last month and found the service really great. some people in my party wanted a wine they didn't have in stock, i think they ended up giving them a more expensive bottle at the lower price. overall, i think some of the dishes were hit and miss, but i'd go back.

                  2. I think most of the people giving bad reviews below are talking about Salad King. I had my birthday at Linda's with about 10 people, and the food was excellent and service was on par with the price. They do have some vegetarian dishes, and do take reservations.