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Jan 22, 2007 07:51 PM

Valentine's Ribs????

My boyfriend's birthday is Valentine's Day and he wants to go for ribs which is fine because I can look cute with sauce on my face.

The problem is Blue Smoke has no available reservations at a reasonable hour. What's another choice for ribs? We didn't particularly enjoy our experience at Virgil's.

Other suggestions?

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  1. Rub, Dinosaur, Daisy May's (although I'm not sure this is what yo're looking for as there is no table service), Houston's

    1. Take home from Daisy May's and have with champagne. I don't think the atmosphere or food is very appealing at Rub.

      1. Well Well I am not the only one who's birth day is on 2/14. It is the only birthday that the birthday boy has to buy gifts for the wife/ girlfriend and mom.WHat happened at Virgil's . i love that place. How about Brother's Jimmy bbq . Also try the Ft Greene Area in Brooklyn . They have a few rib places on Mytrle Ave that are always packed on the week end .

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          I'm no rib afficionado but we went to Virgil's before and while they had very tasty onion rings, the ribs were pretty fatty.

          1. re: marisarose

            Thanks for the heads up it must have changed . Tell you BF , HB . It is the only birth bay that BD boy has to buy gifts .

        2. Houston's has GREAT ribs and I would honestly say the setting can be kind of sexy. Perfect for Valentines day. They don't take reservations outright but if you call and say your coming at let's say 7:00 as soon as you get there they'll put you at the top of the list while you grab a drink at the bar.

          1. I'm almost positive that the Park Ave. (27th St.) location takes reservations, or at least i'm positive that they were a while back