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Jan 22, 2007 07:50 PM

Chau's Bakery; new player in the Banh Mi game

I hit this place for the first time a few weeks ago, and HAD to go back for thier banh mi chau, a chewy, slightly sinewy treat made from tofu skin or gluten, in sheets and chunks, kinda like it was maybe trying to be strips pf veggie pork, or something...Lots of spice, would make a perfect veggie banh mi. Which, of course, they don't make. So, the option is to get a plain sandwich, and add this deliscious version of faux meat nirvana stuff.

I got the sardine in tomato sauce banh mi, a regular option in many cities, but not, til now, in Boston.

They had a good variety of street snacks, some of which I hadn't seen before; the little steamed rice flour dumpling with ground soy bean and dried shrimp, and one that I had read about, but never seen, made of cocnut milk and rice flour,topped with a fresh shrimp and fried and set in little "dumpling" makers on the street. You wrap in lettuce and mint, and dip in a sauce. I thought it was banh cuon, but that's something else. Will have to look it up in Mai Pham toniAlso, tofu goi cuon. Didn't get a chance to observe the basic banh mis, becasue SO was waiting to go down the street for his favorite at Ba Le Bakery...

Chau's Bakery is in Fields' Corner, across the street from Ba La CAFE.

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  1. Never heard of a sardines and tomato sauce on banh mi. These are, I assume, from a can?

    1. Yup, the little single serving Roland cans in tomato sauce. I saw it in San Jose and Brooklyn.

      1. I like Chau's, although I still think Ba Le Bakery (as well as Mei Sum in Chinatown) is better for sandwiches - at least for the grilled beef banh mi, which is my usual order. But thanks for the report on the other treats there -- those sound *great*. Especially that coconut milk/rice flour/fresh shrimp thing (the one that isn't banh cuon). Can't wait to try those.

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          Hmm, I thought they were banh beo tom chay, but it turns out those are the steamed ones..oh well...When you next hot ba Le bakery, try one of their banh xeo; surprsingly good for re-cooked; we've even reheated the next day....